Konnichiwa  Not sure whether you guys still remember last time I blogged about SENKA Lotion before[link here].  Yuppie, this time I got the chance to review their latest version of SENKA Whitening Emulsion which is not release on the market yet! Wuhoo~ So are you guys excited like I do? Continue reading to find out more. =)

I'm pretty sure most of you knew SENKA is a brand which developed by Shiseido right? For your information, SENKA is a skincare brand that aims to fulfil customers' skincare needs that are gathered through surveys on customer insight. With the philosophy 'The Skincare Made With You', SENKA aims to identify and meet customers' needs by producing only the best customized products to accomplish customer satisfaction.


Made from fresh, dewy moisture like serum, SENKA Whitening Emulsion is grease-free and glides on skin so easily. It is packed with whitening ingredients like Vitamin C derivatives that suppress the production of melanin and ward off freckles, as well as dark spots. It also contains SENKA's micro-moisture formula that effectively hydrates and keeps skin supple.

Formulated with LIPIDURE® GL that effectively seals moisture inside the skin, this amazing formula not only whitens, but keeps skin supple and hydrated for long hours - even when you're working or living in a dry environment.

So, why SENKA Whitening Emulsion?
SENKA's Whitening Emulsion focuses on a few main categories. 
[ Whitening, Hydration, Strong penetrative powers and long-lasting moisture respectively ]

In summary, their features are as below :
✿ Has active whitening ingredients like Vitamin C that wards off freckles and dark spots.
✿ Contains micro-moisture formula that keeps skin moist with zero-grease and stickiness.
✿ Formulated with LIPIDURE®  GL that creates a net-like veil on skin's surface, which effectively seals moisture in, allowing long-lasting suppleness.
✿ Has W-hyaluronic acid and royal jelly GL that delivers moisture and smooth skin that lasts.
✿ Contains no fragrance or colorants.

Let's tried and tested it on my hand and face shall we?  =)

As you can see in the photo, the texture is like the ordinary emulsion but this one was slightly milky.

My hand turns a bit more moisture and fair after apply it for few minutes.

Directions : Apply a small amount on the cotton pad and gently rub your face with it.

Feel very comfortable while applying it on my face. No sticky or oily sensation going on.

It also features W-hyaluronic acid and Royal Jelly GL that keeps the skin's surface hydrated, even between the layers, inside and out. This Whitening Emulsion is moisturizing, contains no fragrance or colorants, and effectively whitens skin, giving it a brighter outlook.  =)

So, how do I think about it? Overall I feel satisfied about it. I'm still using the Senka Lotion now, it proof that their products are good to use. I love how the emulsion is milky but not too oily nor sticky. I'm not the person who love to put the thick layer of creamy moisturizer on my face. So this kind of milky and creamy level just right for me. Since it is contains no fragrance or colorants, so I no need worry about the smell because I don't really like the heavy flowers smell, I prefer the lighter one.  Now I can wave goodbye to dry and uneven skin tone, and say hello to a radiant and healthy complexion with SENKA Whitening Emulsion! =)

It is available at selected Watson's outlets nationwide from March 2015 onwards.
Price : RM40.50 (might be changes due to GST)

Annyeong~ Today post would be a very short post because I already made a #vlog about the Korean brand that I'm currently using which is called Elizavecca.

Please enjoy the video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE me.

( P/S : Sorry for speaking Cantonese as it is my main spoken language.
You may drop a comment if you don't understand certain part of it. )

You may purchase at :
http://www.elizavecca.com ( 韩国 Korea )
http://www.elizavecca.com.cn/ ( 中国 China )
http://shop35648593.taobao.com/ ( 中国 China )

Konnichiwa  Shiseido was one of my favourite brand no matter it was falling on skin care or makeup category. This time, it was all about Shiseido Maquillage. I still remember long long time ago, I saw the Maquillage advertisement on TV and I told my sister their packaging was so pretty! It's all about elegant, classy and 'ladylike' theme.

Yippee~ I was invited to attend Shiseido's Private Event for their Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Series launching.

The event was held @ Quivo, Pavilion

Ta-da!! Here's those beautiful Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Series. 
Do you guys like the latest design?

The concept behind the package is "Dramatic Glamour".
The bejeweled surface with pink gold is called "Precious Grid". This signature design aims to awaken a women's beauty and make her shine. Designed for mature women, this glittering "Precious Grid" with a kick of gracious black and "glamorous red" awakens a woman's ladylike instinct. Just touching it will uplift your mood and bring a special moment. The newly packaged Maquillage will ignite a spark in every woman's everyday life.

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil 

Love love love this palette! This beautiful mosaic cheek and face palette comes with 5 colours and 5 textures that is able to enhance our facial features. For a person like me with a weak profile, I can use it to contour my facial features to enhance the 3D look. 

[ Price ]
RM91 (refill)

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Potion (EDP) 

When me and other bloggers spot this, we have no idea what was it. Until the Shiseido staff explained to us this is basically an oil-based fragrance for body and hair designed to provide moisture for the skin for the hair while exuding a poise fragrance of white floral and rose blend that depicts cleanliness and an elegant sweetness. You may apply it on your hair ends, neck and wrist etc. However, not really my favourite because I don't apply fragrance usually and the texture consider too oily for me.

[ Price ]

✿ Limited Edition MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow 
This limited edition True Eye Shadow will makes your eyes look 110% bigger! It is a Winter Pastel Color Palette from MAQuillAGE. You can just be a cool beauty with natural yet unforgettable eyes. 
All you need is applying "Eye base color' that brigthens the eyelids, "Harmonizing brown" that gives depth to the eyes, and "Line defining color" that emphasizes that shape of the eyes in order.
*Product availability varies by country*

[ Types Availability ]
VI233 - Limited Package Design
8 types 

[ Price ]

They also organized some activities for us. For instance, Color the face chart to win some prizes.

By using their cosmetic of course.

They also having "Makeover" booth.

"Hairdo" booth.

And last but not least, "Aura Reading" booth for us.

Now coming back to the star of that day!

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Melting Rouge 

Revolutionary. A beauty oil-based rouge!
It's irresistibly sexy as it melts and fits on your lips.

Juicy, luscious lasting lips made with luxurious beauty oil. Infuses your lips with sensuality from the moment it is applied.

I'm wearing the one of them in the photo above.

[ Colour Availability ]
 Killer Kiss
 Red Velvet
 Trap Pink
 Honey Beige
 Innocent Glamor
 Pink Taboo
 Rose Rendezvous
 Bitter Caramel
 Melty Red
 Rose Brillant

[ Price ]

"Phase separation technology" exclusive to Shiseido is the secret of luster and color definition

As soon as applied, beauty oil melts at body temperature, and becomes a thick, lustrous coating film that wraps dry, chapped lips with vertical lines. Beauty oil divides into two layers: the layer containing the color and moisture adheres to the lips, while the upper layer with brilliance wraps the lips.

We need to take number for the hairdo.

Special thanks to the makeup artist for touch up my makeup.

#SHINIOOTD : I'm wearing dress from ZALORA
Simply key in "ZBAPQ2XG" during check out to get extra 15% discount!

They all are available started from February 2015 nationwide!

For more info, kindly visit :


Hola  I'm super duper excited while I'm blogging about it because today I'm gonna share with you guys my first ever IPL Hair Removal experience!

Yes! I'm going BARE down there! Where? Oops~  The most private part of my body. =P This would be my very first time to do hair removal on my Brazilian area so I guess you guys knew why I mentioned I'm super excited earlier right? I was a super shy person last time, I don't have the courage to enter the salon and do Brazilian waxing because it was quite embarrassing that allow a stranger to see your private part. =X But luckily, I'm not afraid anymore after I visited Bubble Gum Wax. Continue reading to know more about my experience.  =)

Last month, I was invited by The Butterfly Project to attended Bubble Gum Wax newly open branch event. Fyi,  Bubble Gum Wax – The Waxing Expert™ is an established waxing & hair-removal company with a team of trained &qualified therapists with years of experience under their belts. They has been celebrating smooth skin since 2011.

They provides the best quality waxing in the most comfortable and relaxing environment. They would love to invite you to feel refreshed and pampered with their full-service waxing for both men and women. They also provide the best full service waxing from head to toe. Waxing isn’t just one thing they do; it’s everything they do.   =)

Basically, this is the newly open branch that I went @ Casa Tropicana.

They have 2 branches, one was located at Hartamas @ KL branch, this would be their second branch.

Their ambience was comfortable and nice.

If you planning to do hair removal on Brazilian area, you need to use this hygiene wipe to wipe your Brazilian area before start the treatment. No worries, they hygiene level is fine. =)

Even their interior design was pretty Brooklyn Street style so you guys can take many beautiful fashion shoot here. =)

Meet Jesslyn who was the young and enthusiastic founder of Bubble Gum Wax! She was so friendly. She also explain to us what's the different between Waxing and IPL and the procedure's details because for some person like me don't know anything about it. LOL 

She also share us some tips of how to take care of our Brazilian area daily.
[ Tips : Don't always use wear panty liner and use feminine wash ] 

They also gave us the Soothing Mositurizing cream for after care.

Since I done waxing previously, so I would love to try IPL because I never try it before. So, what is IPL exactly? IPL stands for Intense Pulsed LightIt is a a popular spa treatment that is best-known for its ability to treat conditions like broken capillaries ("spider veins") and the hyper pigmentation ("age spots")  caused by sun damage. IPL also stimulates the production of collagen, which plumps up the skin and gives you a fresher look. New IPL machines can also be effective at hair removal.
The ideal candidate for IPL is someone with light skin who has sun damage, broken capillaries, and some laxity or lack of firmness, and wants to treat all three conditions at the same time. IPL is sometimes referred to as a photo facial. IPL is not the same as a laser treatment.

The differences between IPL and Waxing :
Waxing - Comes out with no hair, will getting lesser and thinner hair. Level of pain will be slightly higher. 

IPL - Comes out with short hair roots, first time the hair will grow thicker, but it will get thinner and lesser after few times. Level of pain would no pain at all.

Since there are no any photos taken during the process, so I guess I just explain the whole procedure with words here. 

Basically after you wipe your Brazilian area with hygiene wiper provided, they will told you to lay down and start the treatment. Then, they will shave all the hairs on that area. Also, they will apply some cooling gel on your Brazilian area, it was to ensure you won't feel so hot later and keep moisture on your skin. The reason is because when they use the laser light on your skin, you will feel a little bit warm. Do remember if you really hot, just ask the staff to lower down the temperature for you because they don't know how you feel if you don't express your feelings. Secondly, your skin need to be moisture before the treatment started because dry skin will pull down the effectiveness of hair removal and your skin will turns even more dry. 

Oh yeah~ They also prepared us some refreshment after this.

With Jean again~

The mint choc tart was seriously delicious!

B for Bubble Gum Wax!!

LOL~ This is hilarious.

  If you are menstruating, it is NOT recommended to have your Brazilian done as the skin around that area is very sensitive, thus more painful during the service. And for hygiene purposes, it is also NOT advisable to do a Brazilian wax. It is best to wait for about 3 - 5 days before or after your menstrual cycle. 

 If you are pregnant, please check with your doctor prior to coming for a Brazilian wax. We generally DO NOT do Brazilian waxing for customers still in their first trimester. 

✿  If you have just delivered, please wait for 3 months after a natural delivery or 6 months after a caesarean delivery before coming for a Brazilian wax. 

✿  If you have undergone any form of surgery, please wait for 6 months before coming to wax said body part.

✿  If you have been shaving, please stop shaving at least 2 - 3 weeks prior to your waxing appointment. 

 If you have sensitive skin, allergic reaction to food, lotion application, or medication, and/or consuming any hormone supplement, please let us know and we will advise you accordingly. 

I knew you guys still have some question in your mind, here you go :

 Q: The hair down there: What's the difference between Bikini wax and Brazilian wax.Bikini line is a basic tidy; we wax the sides (called your panty line) and across the top. If you're wearing a bikini, this will prevent any hairs from "peeking out". Brazilian goes from the front, all the way to the back with an added crack wax. This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle or small "landing strip" on the front, its up to you! Choose your style!

✿  Q: Will it be awkward? This is my first time and I feel a little shy.You may feel a little shy in the beginning but the therapist will treat you professionally and put you at ease. And please feel free to ask us anything you are uncomfortable with and we will try our best to put you at ease. 

✿  Q: Why is it more painful this time compared to before?It could be due to different reasons:a) It has been a long time since your last treatment.b) It is too near to your menstrual cycle.c) Hair may be thicker this time due to shaving.d) Changes in your hormones.e) If you have been under stress recently.

Overall I think it would be a nice experience for me! During and after the process, I didn't feel any discomfort sensation. In fact, I feel like I'm freshly born baby when I walk on the street! I never feel that clean down there. Maybe you will feel not used to it for the first time, after I guess after few minutes walking you will be alright. =) 

You know, girls down there should be clean all the time especially when we having period. A proper Brazilian waxing or IPL would giving more hygiene for your private area. Last time I used to heard some ladies said waxing is kinda pain, but after I tried myself on the IPL treatment I didn't feel any pain at all. If you're a person who never try waxing or IPL before, maybe you should try the IPL treatment first. =) The bubble gum wax also provides other services such as hard wax, soft wax, boyzillian wax etc. You may check out their services HERE.

Bubble Gum Wax @ Casa Tropicana is having a Promotion on their 
Brazilian Waxing for ONLY RM29 and Boyzilian is RM59! 
For those of you who are interested to try for your first time, you may try it now. =)
*Promotion valid until 31st January 2015*

 [ Valentine Promotion ]
1 x Boyzilian and 1 x Brazilian Waxing for only RM99.
*valid until 28th February 2015*

[ Damansara Branch ]
B.1.5 Casa Tropicana,
Jalan Persiaran Tropicana,
Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
47410 Petaling Jaya
T 03.7887 0669 / M 012.557 3266

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