[REVIEW] SENKA Whitening Emulsion

Konnichiwa  Not sure whether you guys still remember last time I blogged about SENKA Lotion before[link here].  Yuppie, this time I got the chance to review their latest version of SENKA Whitening Emulsion which is not release on the market yet! Wuhoo~ So are you guys excited like I do? Continue reading to find out more. =)

I'm pretty sure most of you knew SENKA is a brand which developed by Shiseido right? For your information, SENKA is a skincare brand that aims to fulfil customers' skincare needs that are gathered through surveys on customer insight. With the philosophy 'The Skincare Made With You', SENKA aims to identify and meet customers' needs by producing only the best customized products to accomplish customer satisfaction.


Made from fresh, dewy moisture like serum, SENKA Whitening Emulsion is grease-free and glides on skin so easily. It is packed with whitening ingredients like Vitamin C derivatives that suppress the production of melanin and ward off freckles, as well as dark spots. It also contains SENKA's micro-moisture formula that effectively hydrates and keeps skin supple.

Formulated with LIPIDURE® GL that effectively seals moisture inside the skin, this amazing formula not only whitens, but keeps skin supple and hydrated for long hours - even when you're working or living in a dry environment.

So, why SENKA Whitening Emulsion?
SENKA's Whitening Emulsion focuses on a few main categories. 
[ Whitening, Hydration, Strong penetrative powers and long-lasting moisture respectively ]

In summary, their features are as below :
✿ Has active whitening ingredients like Vitamin C that wards off freckles and dark spots.
✿ Contains micro-moisture formula that keeps skin moist with zero-grease and stickiness.
✿ Formulated with LIPIDURE®  GL that creates a net-like veil on skin's surface, which effectively seals moisture in, allowing long-lasting suppleness.
✿ Has W-hyaluronic acid and royal jelly GL that delivers moisture and smooth skin that lasts.
✿ Contains no fragrance or colorants.

Let's tried and tested it on my hand and face shall we?  =)

As you can see in the photo, the texture is like the ordinary emulsion but this one was slightly milky.

My hand turns a bit more moisture and fair after apply it for few minutes.

Directions : Apply a small amount on the cotton pad and gently rub your face with it.

Feel very comfortable while applying it on my face. No sticky or oily sensation going on.

It also features W-hyaluronic acid and Royal Jelly GL that keeps the skin's surface hydrated, even between the layers, inside and out. This Whitening Emulsion is moisturizing, contains no fragrance or colorants, and effectively whitens skin, giving it a brighter outlook.  =)

So, how do I think about it? Overall I feel satisfied about it. I'm still using the Senka Lotion now, it proof that their products are good to use. I love how the emulsion is milky but not too oily nor sticky. I'm not the person who love to put the thick layer of creamy moisturizer on my face. So this kind of milky and creamy level just right for me. Since it is contains no fragrance or colorants, so I no need worry about the smell because I don't really like the heavy flowers smell, I prefer the lighter one.  Now I can wave goodbye to dry and uneven skin tone, and say hello to a radiant and healthy complexion with SENKA Whitening Emulsion! =)

It is available at selected Watson's outlets nationwide from March 2015 onwards.
Price : RM40.50 (might be changes due to GST)


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