[EVENT] Shiseido MAQuillAGE Dramatic Series

Konnichiwa  Shiseido was one of my favourite brand no matter it was falling on skin care or makeup category. This time, it was all about Shiseido Maquillage. I still remember long long time ago, I saw the Maquillage advertisement on TV and I told my sister their packaging was so pretty! It's all about elegant, classy and 'ladylike' theme.

Yippee~ I was invited to attend Shiseido's Private Event for their Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Series launching.

The event was held @ Quivo, Pavilion

Ta-da!! Here's those beautiful Shiseido Maquillage Dramatic Series. 
Do you guys like the latest design?

The concept behind the package is "Dramatic Glamour".
The bejeweled surface with pink gold is called "Precious Grid". This signature design aims to awaken a women's beauty and make her shine. Designed for mature women, this glittering "Precious Grid" with a kick of gracious black and "glamorous red" awakens a woman's ladylike instinct. Just touching it will uplift your mood and bring a special moment. The newly packaged Maquillage will ignite a spark in every woman's everyday life.

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Veil 

Love love love this palette! This beautiful mosaic cheek and face palette comes with 5 colours and 5 textures that is able to enhance our facial features. For a person like me with a weak profile, I can use it to contour my facial features to enhance the 3D look. 

[ Price ]
RM91 (refill)

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Mood Potion (EDP) 

When me and other bloggers spot this, we have no idea what was it. Until the Shiseido staff explained to us this is basically an oil-based fragrance for body and hair designed to provide moisture for the skin for the hair while exuding a poise fragrance of white floral and rose blend that depicts cleanliness and an elegant sweetness. You may apply it on your hair ends, neck and wrist etc. However, not really my favourite because I don't apply fragrance usually and the texture consider too oily for me.

[ Price ]

✿ Limited Edition MAQuillAGE True Eye Shadow 
This limited edition True Eye Shadow will makes your eyes look 110% bigger! It is a Winter Pastel Color Palette from MAQuillAGE. You can just be a cool beauty with natural yet unforgettable eyes. 
All you need is applying "Eye base color' that brigthens the eyelids, "Harmonizing brown" that gives depth to the eyes, and "Line defining color" that emphasizes that shape of the eyes in order.
*Product availability varies by country*

[ Types Availability ]
VI233 - Limited Package Design
8 types 

[ Price ]

They also organized some activities for us. For instance, Color the face chart to win some prizes.

By using their cosmetic of course.

They also having "Makeover" booth.

"Hairdo" booth.

And last but not least, "Aura Reading" booth for us.

Now coming back to the star of that day!

✿ MAQuillAGE Dramatic Melting Rouge 

Revolutionary. A beauty oil-based rouge!
It's irresistibly sexy as it melts and fits on your lips.

Juicy, luscious lasting lips made with luxurious beauty oil. Infuses your lips with sensuality from the moment it is applied.

I'm wearing the one of them in the photo above.

[ Colour Availability ]
 Killer Kiss
 Red Velvet
 Trap Pink
 Honey Beige
 Innocent Glamor
 Pink Taboo
 Rose Rendezvous
 Bitter Caramel
 Melty Red
 Rose Brillant

[ Price ]

"Phase separation technology" exclusive to Shiseido is the secret of luster and color definition

As soon as applied, beauty oil melts at body temperature, and becomes a thick, lustrous coating film that wraps dry, chapped lips with vertical lines. Beauty oil divides into two layers: the layer containing the color and moisture adheres to the lips, while the upper layer with brilliance wraps the lips.

We need to take number for the hairdo.

Special thanks to the makeup artist for touch up my makeup.

#SHINIOOTD : I'm wearing dress from ZALORA
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They all are available started from February 2015 nationwide!

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