Bonjour This would be my very first time to blog about fragrance. Frankly, my nose is quite sensitive to certain fragrances. I can't stand those heavy fragrances. Even everytime I passed by Lovely Lace definitely I will sneezing continuously. Therefore, I only can accept those perfumes with fruits, smell fresh and light fragrance.  =)

I'm pretty sure most of you heard about Enchanteur right? It was one of the leading mass market fragrance brands evolves with time in developing enticing new fragrances but also enhances its reach and engagement with the consumers. Famed for its French inspired fine fragrances that ignite the flames of romance, Enchanteur is launching an advertising campaign which will tease the senses as part of its new fragrance introduction.

The new form of advertising is targeted at evoking the senses by way of "Sight", "Sound" and "Smell". For the first time ever Malaysians will get to experience a multi-censorial commercial that not only stimulates auditory and visually but also the olfactory.

According to Ooi Boay Khim the Product Group Manager for Enchanteur, she said they are always exploring new ways to reach out to the consumers and to share their new scents. Audiences are now able to get a whiff of the fragrance being promoted as soon as the commercial is played in the cinema. This advertising campaign will be promoting the newly launched Enchanteur Paris EDT Fashionista and the commercial will be running for the next 3 months till February next year. Consumers can catch it at selected TGV Cinemas as well. =)

It always gave me a dreamy feeling since years ago. I still remember the commercial when I was a kid. It was so memorable and silly me always told my mum I want to buy the product because I want to be that girl in the commercial. LOL~  Enchanteur range of products also consists of shower, talc and deodorant etc. For your information, Enchanteur has 3 product lines as Enchanteur, Enchanteur Paris and Enchanteur Love. Well guess what? I received the newly launched Enchanteur Paris Eau De Toilette from them!

Ta-da!! Here are there! I'm falling in love with packaging because they're so dreamy!

Let's start with my favourite colour Pink shall we?

[ Enchanteur Paris Princess ]
Let your sweet and charming personality shine with this lovely scent of AppleFreesia and Vanilla. PRINCESSE turns your life into the fairy-tale every girl desires and makes you the girl every boy has a crush on.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Apples, Gradenia, Peach
✿ Heart Note - Jasmine, Fressia
✿ Base Noted - French Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood

Sweet / Lovely / Irresistible / Sparkling / Delightful

Next would be the Violet colour.

[ Enchanteur Paris Glam ]
Embrace your confidence and let loose the glamour in you with this heartwarming scent of MangoWhite Roses and Muguet. GLAM allows you to turn heads and steal his heart, making you his one and only.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Red Berries, Mangoes, Pineapple, Melon
✿ Heart Note - Rose, Mugeut, Gardenia
✿ Base Noted - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk

Poised / Charming / Confident / Gorgeous / Sophisticated / Glamour

Last but not least, the blue version.

[ Enchanteur Paris Fashionista ]
Bring out your chic and stylish side with this dazzling mix and match of Orange,Jasmine and Roses. FASHIONISTA makes you the life of the party and the apple of his eye.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Bergamot, Passion
✿ Heart Note - Jasmine, Fressia, Rose
✿ Base Noted - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk

Fun / Trendy / Charismatic / Stylish / Energetic

Overall, I think the pink one - Enchanteur Paris Princess is my favourite! Why? Because pink was my favourite colour and the fragrance smell fresh and sweet! Personally love the peach smell because it smell so good. Next would be the Glam because it also smell not bad for me, maybe because of the red berries? I just love the fruits smell. LOL. My last pick would be Fashionista because the fragrance was quite heavy for me. I guess it was depends own preferences. Maybe you will think the fragrance is not heavy at all? If you had purchased 3 of them, please let me know which would be your favourite among all. =)

It is available at all major retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.
For more info, please visit : 

Bonjour After introduce you guys the eye patch on previous post, now is the time to pamper your face. =)  I feel excited because this would be my very first time to try on a brand that I never try before and I never try on the 'oxygen mask' before as well. Wondering what is oxygen mask? Continue reading to find out more. 

By the way, have you guys heard of BeaubelleFor your information, it was the brand that pioneered the holistic rejuvenation concept of body, mind and soul harmony is now the number one international wellness beauty and spa brand. The Beaubelle Group is set to redefine the landscape of the skin care industry again by debuting B&B Labs in 2014. B&B Labs offers the best results-driven skin care presented through innovative textures and concepts. The products are researched and developed by leading Asian cosmetic scientists, cosmetologists and doctors of Wellness Cosmetology Alliance Lab based in Malaysia, in consultative collaboration with their British and Australian counterparts. 

Next question, how about the Science Series? Science Series of B&B Labs utilizes highly effective pharmaceutical grade active ingredients within advanced cosmeceutical formulas. It is not possible to change the genes that we’ve inherited from our parents, but it is possible to switch off the genes that exacerbate aging by living a positive lifestyle. On the skin, Science Series works at the cellular level to not only invalidate genes that induce aging but stimulate genes that help to delay the aging process. Aging is inevitable, but the rate of aging can be managed with Science Series which is developed to help circumvent negative alterations in the cells that hasten the aging symptoms on the skin.

Yes. They sent me one of their Science Series - Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program

Inside consist of 5 pieces of Carboxymatrine Oxygen Induction Mask and Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum. 

What is Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program? Cutting-edge skin rejuvenation program inspired by the Bohr Effect – hemoglobin’s oxygen binding affinity is inversely related to acidity and to the concentration of carbon dioxide. Carboxymatrine Oxygen Induction Mask rich in niacinamide, acetyl glucosamine and betaine introduces carbon dioxide to the skin to increase oxygen absorption to the lower dermal layer on a timed-release basis. Combined with the powerful Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum loaded with neuropeptide, phytopeptides, stem cells and rose placenta, this program will effectively oxygenate, firm and lift the skin for an instantly younger skin complexion.Focused on rejuvenating devitalized skin with wrinkles and scars by improving micro-circulation for highly effective wound healing, enhancing collagen production and maximizes anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation benefits.

So let's give it a try shall we?
Remember to prepare a empty small bowl for the mixing.
 Firstly, pour the powder in the small bowl.
Pour the gel into the small bowl as well, 

 Then, mixing them with the small spatula provided. 

I'm so EXCITED when I saw this! It's really contains of oxygen! 

Apply it on your face immediately! The texture will be like normal gel type. The colour more into like greenish / blueish. It will gave you cold effect as well since it was gel. 

After rinse off, don't forget to apply the serum too.

You’ll see skin transformed instantly after the first application!

Directions : Mix the gel and the powder of the Carboxymatrine Oxygen Induction Mask quickly in a small bowl. Apply the mask mixture immediately onto the face to ensure optimum absorption and to get the benefits of the oxygen produced by the mask. Leave it on the face for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash off and dry the skin thoroughly. Immediately apply 1 ml of Miracle Skin Rejuvenation Serum onto the skin.

As you can see from the first picture my skin tone was uneven and consists of pigmentation. Yup, no doubt my face was consider kinda fair but actually it might be not a good thing because once I got some scars or pigmentation, it will be quite obvious to be seen. Sobz sobz~ However, after I apply the mask and serum, it does reduce the appearance of my pigmentation and uneven skin tone getting better! Feel so surprise that only the first application but can make a different! Can't wait to try the other 4 masks! Maybe my skin really can improved a lot! LOL~  For the serum, I feel it was easier to absorb into the skin compare to other serum. The texture won't be too sticky nor oily. They still having other categories of mask and treatment, maybe you can have a look at their site. =)

[ Carboxymatrine Skin Rejuvenation Program]

 Ideal for :  dehydration, wrinkles, pigmentation, dullness, loss of radiance
 Ingredients :  [Mask] niacinamide, acetyl glucosamine and betaine   [Serum] neuropeptide, phytopeptides, stem cells and rose placenta
  Can be purchase at :

Can be purchase at authorized B&B Labs dealers or authorized Beaubelle dealers.

For more info, please visit : 

Hola  Remember last time I blogged about a review of Petitfee - Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch? Yup, that's mainly for reducing dark eye circle and today I would like to introduce you guys the similar eye patch but it was to reduce your winkles and eye bag. =)

Some sweeties might be saying my eyes are huge or round and they think it might be a good thing. However, I like to drink a lot of water all the time even during night time. This caused I have a pair of huge eye bag and puffy eyes on the next day. For someone who owning a thick double eyelid and round eyes, it makes the eye bag even obvious. =(  Same as previous post, this is *not a sponsored post* so I'm sharing it with the bottom of my heart. 

As you guys knew, Petitfee was a Korean brand.

You might wonder why "black pearl"? Pearl having high level of Amino acid and minerals helps circumstation. In addition, gold ingredients purifies skin and helps keep the bright tone.

Highly dense essence of nutrients.
Green tea, wormwood, citron, cucumber, grapefruit seed and other various of plants is condensed in this essence provide moisture and nutrition deep into the skin which helps improve the skin around the eyes area. Mist type out of natural gel ingredients can be used for body care after melt it with warm water.

This time the eye patch was comes with black colour

Let's give it a try shall we?

It also comes with a small spatula for picking up the eye patch. As you can see you can use the spatula to take the eye mask out and remember be gentle, because it was made in jelly so it might easily to tear apart.

All shiny gold black eye patch.

This time the size of eye patch are slightly bigger than the gold EGF eye patch. After 30 minutes, you will notice the gel patches will become thinner layer because the essence already been absorbed into your skin.

Instructions : After wash your face and apply basic skin care products, picking up the patch with spatula and place it on your under eye area. After 30 minutes take it off and soft massage with your finger.

The before and after. Not sure whether it looks obvious or not in the picture.
In reality, you can spot the difference with ease.

[ Petitfee - Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch ]

Functions :
Moisturizing, Nourishing, Anti wrinkles 

Ingredients :
Gold, black pearl, green tea, ginseng, caviar

Size :
1.6g x 60pcs

Suitable for :
All skin type

Price :
RM49.00 RM70.00 (Buy 2 FREE SHIPPING)

Love this hydrogel eye patch same as the gold EGF eye patch!! I'm actually use both of them 3 days in a week. For instance, monday, wednesday and friday apply this and other remaining days apply the gold EGF. When you first purchase this, I would like to suggest that apply this eye patch for continuously 3 days, after that only apply 2-3 days per week as you like. =)

Normally I apply this at night before my bed time and it does helps to reduce my wrinkles and minimize eye bag even on the next day! However, some useful tips for you guys. Have you ever experience yours eye area are too dry and the concealer might stuck at there? Yup, sometime I apply this 20 / 30 minutes right before I started to apply my make-up. It will helps to moisture my eyes and the concealer won't stuck at eye bag anymore. =)  Maybe you guys can give it a try too.

Please noted that this item are selling fast and they always been SOLD OUT. So you may need to purchase it fast or you can just wait for them to restock. Last time I also waiting them to restock before I got the chance to purchase it. 

Shop now :


Bonjour  Sorry for the super delay. I was suppose to blog about this a month ago when many sweeties asking where is the location after saw my high tea photo on my Instagram. I was rushing other pending post so that's why I need to drag this post. So here was the happening. I had a lot of fun with my girls in afternoon tea session and shopping after that. Since that day was a public holiday so I shouldn't at home and do some activity with my girls. Usually I need to reject them on weekdays when they date me because I need to work on weekdays. Finally we able to meet on that day because it was a HOLIDAY!!  =)

We decided to pay a visit @ The Majestic Hotel because I always wanted to try their afternoon tea as I saw many beautiful photos posted by the customers on Instagram and Facebook. We need to make reservation a month ahead for the table in Orchid Conservatory and each person need to pay RM50 as deposit. It cost about RM88+ per pax to be in Orchid Conservatory Room while RM68+ for Drawing Room.

#SHINIOOTD - Theme of that day was floral which is suggested by Cindy.
Guess I follow the rules. LOL

Noted : Some photos are belong by Nicole, JQ and Cindy because I was late, unable to take beautiful photos when all tables were full when I get there. =(

Nice background huh? =D


They prepare some sugar stick for you in case you wish to add some sweetness in your tea / coffee. 

One thing that I'm not preferable is that they only have Boh Tea(Cameron) for afternoon tea. If you wish to order other types of tea such as Early Grey, English Breakfast Tea etc, you need to add up about RM28+ just for the tea. 

Ta-da!! Finally our tea set was here!

Since we are 4 person, so we order 2 racks.

The bottom part was sandwiches. Of course, the Salmon was my favourite among others.

A must-eat food for tea set - Scones.

Sweet and sour strawberry jam for the scones.

The top part was cake session.

They also provides us the local range of foods. I'm not a fans of it though.

Dessert - Raspberry and Coconut Macaroon.

Love the environment!

Groupie photo with the girls.

JQ, Cindy and me. I looks so cute here. LOL (don't slap me please!)

Overall I will rate 7/10 for the environment and 5/10 for the afternoon tea set. We felt so disappointed on the tea set because it only have 1 cake available for each. The choice of tea was limited. Although the services was satisfied. Basically you just pay the cost for the environment. However, if you're a person who love beautiful floral as your background when you taking picture, you may consider this as your high tea place. =)

Details :
[ The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur ]

5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +603 2785 8000 
Fax : +603 2785 8080

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