Hola  Remember last time I blogged about a review of Petitfee - Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch? Yup, that's mainly for reducing dark eye circle and today I would like to introduce you guys the similar eye patch but it was to reduce your winkles and eye bag. =)

Some sweeties might be saying my eyes are huge or round and they think it might be a good thing. However, I like to drink a lot of water all the time even during night time. This caused I have a pair of huge eye bag and puffy eyes on the next day. For someone who owning a thick double eyelid and round eyes, it makes the eye bag even obvious. =(  Same as previous post, this is *not a sponsored post* so I'm sharing it with the bottom of my heart. 

As you guys knew, Petitfee was a Korean brand.

You might wonder why "black pearl"? Pearl having high level of Amino acid and minerals helps circumstation. In addition, gold ingredients purifies skin and helps keep the bright tone.

Highly dense essence of nutrients.
Green tea, wormwood, citron, cucumber, grapefruit seed and other various of plants is condensed in this essence provide moisture and nutrition deep into the skin which helps improve the skin around the eyes area. Mist type out of natural gel ingredients can be used for body care after melt it with warm water.

This time the eye patch was comes with black colour

Let's give it a try shall we?

It also comes with a small spatula for picking up the eye patch. As you can see you can use the spatula to take the eye mask out and remember be gentle, because it was made in jelly so it might easily to tear apart.

All shiny gold black eye patch.

This time the size of eye patch are slightly bigger than the gold EGF eye patch. After 30 minutes, you will notice the gel patches will become thinner layer because the essence already been absorbed into your skin.

Instructions : After wash your face and apply basic skin care products, picking up the patch with spatula and place it on your under eye area. After 30 minutes take it off and soft massage with your finger.

The before and after. Not sure whether it looks obvious or not in the picture.
In reality, you can spot the difference with ease.

[ Petitfee - Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch ]

Functions :
Moisturizing, Nourishing, Anti wrinkles 

Ingredients :
Gold, black pearl, green tea, ginseng, caviar

Size :
1.6g x 60pcs

Suitable for :
All skin type

Price :
RM49.00 RM70.00 (Buy 2 FREE SHIPPING)

Love this hydrogel eye patch same as the gold EGF eye patch!! I'm actually use both of them 3 days in a week. For instance, monday, wednesday and friday apply this and other remaining days apply the gold EGF. When you first purchase this, I would like to suggest that apply this eye patch for continuously 3 days, after that only apply 2-3 days per week as you like. =)

Normally I apply this at night before my bed time and it does helps to reduce my wrinkles and minimize eye bag even on the next day! However, some useful tips for you guys. Have you ever experience yours eye area are too dry and the concealer might stuck at there? Yup, sometime I apply this 20 / 30 minutes right before I started to apply my make-up. It will helps to moisture my eyes and the concealer won't stuck at eye bag anymore. =)  Maybe you guys can give it a try too.

Please noted that this item are selling fast and they always been SOLD OUT. So you may need to purchase it fast or you can just wait for them to restock. Last time I also waiting them to restock before I got the chance to purchase it. 

Shop now : https://www.hermo.my/



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    1. Awww...Thanks for the compliment sweetie. :)