Enchanteur - Teases the Senses

Bonjour This would be my very first time to blog about fragrance. Frankly, my nose is quite sensitive to certain fragrances. I can't stand those heavy fragrances. Even everytime I passed by Lovely Lace definitely I will sneezing continuously. Therefore, I only can accept those perfumes with fruits, smell fresh and light fragrance.  =)

I'm pretty sure most of you heard about Enchanteur right? It was one of the leading mass market fragrance brands evolves with time in developing enticing new fragrances but also enhances its reach and engagement with the consumers. Famed for its French inspired fine fragrances that ignite the flames of romance, Enchanteur is launching an advertising campaign which will tease the senses as part of its new fragrance introduction.

The new form of advertising is targeted at evoking the senses by way of "Sight", "Sound" and "Smell". For the first time ever Malaysians will get to experience a multi-censorial commercial that not only stimulates auditory and visually but also the olfactory.

According to Ooi Boay Khim the Product Group Manager for Enchanteur, she said they are always exploring new ways to reach out to the consumers and to share their new scents. Audiences are now able to get a whiff of the fragrance being promoted as soon as the commercial is played in the cinema. This advertising campaign will be promoting the newly launched Enchanteur Paris EDT Fashionista and the commercial will be running for the next 3 months till February next year. Consumers can catch it at selected TGV Cinemas as well. =)

It always gave me a dreamy feeling since years ago. I still remember the commercial when I was a kid. It was so memorable and silly me always told my mum I want to buy the product because I want to be that girl in the commercial. LOL~  Enchanteur range of products also consists of shower, talc and deodorant etc. For your information, Enchanteur has 3 product lines as Enchanteur, Enchanteur Paris and Enchanteur Love. Well guess what? I received the newly launched Enchanteur Paris Eau De Toilette from them!

Ta-da!! Here are there! I'm falling in love with packaging because they're so dreamy!

Let's start with my favourite colour Pink shall we?

[ Enchanteur Paris Princess ]
Let your sweet and charming personality shine with this lovely scent of AppleFreesia and Vanilla. PRINCESSE turns your life into the fairy-tale every girl desires and makes you the girl every boy has a crush on.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Apples, Gradenia, Peach
✿ Heart Note - Jasmine, Fressia
✿ Base Noted - French Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood

Sweet / Lovely / Irresistible / Sparkling / Delightful

Next would be the Violet colour.

[ Enchanteur Paris Glam ]
Embrace your confidence and let loose the glamour in you with this heartwarming scent of MangoWhite Roses and Muguet. GLAM allows you to turn heads and steal his heart, making you his one and only.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Red Berries, Mangoes, Pineapple, Melon
✿ Heart Note - Rose, Mugeut, Gardenia
✿ Base Noted - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk

Poised / Charming / Confident / Gorgeous / Sophisticated / Glamour

Last but not least, the blue version.

[ Enchanteur Paris Fashionista ]
Bring out your chic and stylish side with this dazzling mix and match of Orange,Jasmine and Roses. FASHIONISTA makes you the life of the party and the apple of his eye.

Scent Composition
✿ Top Note - Bergamot, Passion
✿ Heart Note - Jasmine, Fressia, Rose
✿ Base Noted - Amber, Cedarwood, Musk

Fun / Trendy / Charismatic / Stylish / Energetic

Overall, I think the pink one - Enchanteur Paris Princess is my favourite! Why? Because pink was my favourite colour and the fragrance smell fresh and sweet! Personally love the peach smell because it smell so good. Next would be the Glam because it also smell not bad for me, maybe because of the red berries? I just love the fruits smell. LOL. My last pick would be Fashionista because the fragrance was quite heavy for me. I guess it was depends own preferences. Maybe you will think the fragrance is not heavy at all? If you had purchased 3 of them, please let me know which would be your favourite among all. =)

It is available at all major retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.
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