9 September 2014

[REVIEW + GIVEAWAY] Agnesia Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap

Hola Time to pamper your skin again! Today I'm gonna talk about body care. I'm the person who always concentrate on my face and ignore about the skin condition of my body. In fact, eventually my skin(body) is dry and not healthy. =( I feel regret and from now on I would love to start focus on my body care too in order to own a healthy skin. LOL~ All thanks to Apex Pharmacy, I got the chance to review their healthy products again. In case you guys forgot, I done a review of Hydra24 Cracked Heel Cream which get it from them too and the result was marvellous!  Thus, I'm quite excited to try on their products again.

This time, I received a bunch of Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap from Agnesia. For your information, Olederm Bar is a mild cleanser specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin as well. Olederm does helps reduce dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. The gentleness of Olederm Bar makes it suitable for all skins including children and infants. The mildness of Olederm is also suitable for eczema skins.

So, what is unique about Olederm? It included Liquid Paraffin BP 7.5% which contains emollient and non-stripping to skin.Besides, Olederm contains high palm noodle that is smooth in texture and non-drying to the skin as well.

You must be wondering what exactly is Liquid Paraffin right? Well, light liquid paraffin is an emollient that promotes rehydration of the skin and skin suppleness. Liquid paraffin is non-toxic and non-irritating. Light liquid paraffin is adsorbed on the skin, and provides an emollient film which reduces the loss of water from the outermost layer of the skin to the environment.

 Olederm provides effective & long lasting hydration
 It leaves a thin layer of protective film on the skin, which prevents water loss, hence rehydrates the skin & helps prevent further dryness
 Olederm soap composed of high molecular weight fatty acids which minimizes skin irritation

Direction to use :  To be applied on wet skin and massaged gently when washing /bathing. Rinse and pat skin dry.

[ Olederm Mild Cleansing Soap ]

Brand : Agnesia

Ingredients : 
Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Light Liquid Paraffin, Fragrance, PEG-14M, Methyl Gluceth-20, Tetrasodium EDTA, CI 15510, CI 14700.

Net Weight :
100g / 3.53oz

Price :
RM22.90 for triple pack

Where to buy :
All pharmacies nationwide

Overall I feel satisfied with it. Although the outcome not really much differences and not obvious through the pictures but you can feel it by your own once you're using it. Please noted that this is not an instant whitening soap so it won't just provide the whitening effect. Why I said I love it because I can feel the freshness, clean and last but not least moisture after I using it and shower. I don't like heavy fragrance of soap because I quite allergic to that. Fortunately, this fragrance is a very light of fruit smell.  =)

Yes! I will be GIVING AWAY 20 Olederm Mid Cleansing Soap to my beloved reader
I will choose 5 WINNERS which means EACH WINNER CAN RECEIVE TOTAL 4 units of prizes.

How to win :
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[ WINNERS : Vsa.J | Candy | Janice.Y | Rainy J | JasJas.T ]
Contest end on 9th October 2014 | Winner will be announced on 10th October 2014

*I will choose 4 winners on my blog and 1 winners on my Instagram. To increase the chance of winning, you may join both giveaway. =)  In case you haven't follow my Instagram, my ID is @shinilola. For the guidelines of the Instagram giveaway, please refer to my Instagram account.*

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- Winners must reply email within 48 hours after I drop you an email or else participants on the waiting list will be replace you.


  1. i heard this soap is quite good for the skin :) nice review.. first time BW here

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  3. Looks really good! Can see ur skin getting better after using it :D

    1. Really? Actually the picture not really shown obviously XD

  4. Haha, I will support your product review~ =D

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