11 September 2014

[REVIEW] Moo~ Being Beautiful with YOKO Malaysia

Moo~ Why I sounds like a cow here? Because few weeks ago I received something lovely with cow packaging from YOKO.  You might not familiar with this brand but I'm actually heard it before when I visited Thailand few months ago!

I always fall in love with premium quality product comes with cute packaging. I means,who doesn't right? It makes people feel so frustrated when the products with attractive design but the outcomes was not really effective. Maybe because we put too much on the expectation? However, I was quite surprise when I tried and tested these products and they're effective! I don't really use Thai beauty care products because I guess it's rare on our Malaysia market but I do recommend this to you guys. Wondering why? Please continue reading to find out more. =)

For your information, YOKO are brand new Thailand beauty body care products just launch into Malaysia market, previously YOKO are known as famous body beauty care series in Taiwan and selling hot in varies online/ retail beauty stores. Currently, YOKO Malaysia are available with wide range of products such as YOKO milky whitening lotion, YOKO body butter cream, YOKO Spa salt series, YOKO shower bath scrub salt/ YOKO Deep intensive hair mask/ YOKO treatment UV & other hair coats.   

Ta-da!! This is what I get from them. They put all the products together with a bling bling gift bag.

So, these are the products that I got from them. I will explain details later.

As I mentioned earlier, YOKO provides variety of products range, such as :

 ✿ YOKO Milky Whitening Body Lotion   
✿ YOKO Milk Spa salt shower bath 
✿ YOKO Milky Butter cream 
✿ YOKO Milk Spa salt 
✿ YOKO Yogurt Spa salt 
✿ YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich
✿ YOKO Under-arm Whitening Cream and Deodorant
   ✿ YOKO Knee and Elbow Moisturizing and Whitening Cream   
✿ YOKO Hair Coat 
✿ YOKO Deep intensive Treatment Hair Mask 
✿ YOKO Intensive Hair Serum (Avocado) 

YOKO Milky Body Lotion contains milk protein, Vitamin B3, licorice extract and Vitamin E. This lotion is for the smoother and fairer skin with the skin nutrients. This nourishing non-greasy formula body lotion enriches with Milk Protein, which consists of many valuable nutrients and vitamins for nourishing and moisturizing your skin. This lotion swiftly hydrates, yet very effective moisturizer from Vitamin E and Licorice extract leaving your skin smoother, lighter, more supple and healthier looking.

I love the packaging so much!! It's like you're drinking Dutch Lady milk. Besides of good looking, I found out the lotion is so milky!! I don't like those lotion which too rich because I will find it very thick on my skin. I will apply it at oversea but not in Malaysia. Malaysia is already wayyyyyyyyyyy too hot! Why I mentioned it's really milky because you can feel you actually applying milk on your skin!

Price : RM35


Flavour : Milk Protein / Yogurt Extract / Papaya Extract / Grape Extract /Cucumber Extract /  Lavender extract

This body butter cream formula is proven with mild, fast absorbing enhanced with moisturizer to help retain skin moisture leaving your skin softer and smoother like baby skin. It can prevent wrinkle and whiten your skin with Milk Protein.

Since it's body butter, of course it would be a little bit thick if compare to the lotion. I would suggest just apply little bit on the day time because if you apply too much, you will feel very hot and uncomfortable due to the weather in Malaysia. Unless you will staying in the office all day long.

Direction to use : Apply daily on body morning and night time. Suitable for all skin types even dry skin.


Flavour : Milk Protein / Yogurt Extract / Lavender Extract / Aloe Vera / Sakura / Papaya / Mixed Berry / Lemon

YOKO Spa salt is a skin whitening and slimming product with milk formula and natural spa salt benefits. It provides nourishments to your skin with pure milk, derma white and allantois. It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin.

Yoko Spa Salt with a lot of protein from milk ,It riches in moisture and helps remove dead cells for brighter and softer skin .Vitamin B3 helps exfoliate surface skin cells to reveal newer and younger looking skin and address skin discoloration .Collagen improves skin texture ,provides firmness to the skin and smoother wrinkles. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidants to protect cells against free radical damage, also can slow the aging process.

 This item is popular like international famous brand. It's is in the top-pick from shelf at world class department store in Bangkok, Thailand. I guess you guys notice the 2 packet that I received was mixed berry and milk protein flavours. I love the yogurt extract because it's smell so good! I always like those kinds of yogurt fragrance because it smell fresh and funky! The milk protein's salt would be faster to dissolve compare to the yogurt extract. Oh ya! The milk protein smell like a butter to me but not milk. LOL~

Direction to use : Pour Spa Salt on your hand, rub gently in circular motion on wet skin ,leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water and clean with soap again .After using ,you can feel your skin's softness and smoothness. Recommend to apply one to twice time weekly, for deep scrub purpose.


Flavour : Milk Protein / Yogurt Extract / Lavender Extract / Cucumber extract / Papaya
Extract / Mangosteen / Green Apple

YOKO Shower bath milk salt is for skin whitening, enriched with Vitamin E, B3, Collagen, Natural salt benefits, protein from milk, and yogurt. It provides nourishment to your skin and also removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new and radiant skin.

Since the one I received was milk protein flavour, so its fragrance so buttery as well. At first when you start scrub you might feel a little bit oily, but after it dissolve and start melting, you will feel your skin is so smooth. =)

Direction to use : Pour YOKO shower bath spa on your hand. Rub gently in circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes and then rinse off with clean water. Recommend apply daily. After use, you can feel your skins softness and smoothness.

Overall I'm satisfied with these products. My skin become silky smooth and fair. Some sweeties asked me why my skin getting fairer day-by-day I guess this is the reason why. LOL~ If you had read my previous post then you will know I don't really take good care of my body skin because I focus more on my face. Since now I'm having these lovely body skin care products, I guess I need to gambateh to balance the skin texture between my body and face. =)

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