6 September 2014

My Graduation. Journey. Stories

Congratulations Yup, I said congratulations to myself because FINALLY I'M GRADUATED!!  Don't get me wrong, actually I have been graduated last year and I'm working since half year ago. However, because my intake is Oct, therefore my convocation is on August of this year.

Today post is about my journey. I guess the title speak it all. I will talk about my stories, journey for being a university student and last but not least, big day for me - Convocation.  Hope you guys won't feel bored about this because today post's words might be slightly more than the ordinary post. No worries, I will included some of the photos that I'm took during my convocation. If you're one of my loyal reader, here are some stories that you might not know about me because I never mentioned in my blog. Maybe you can understand me more by reading this post. =)

My name is Shini. I'm a cancer girl who is from Ipoh but currently based in KL. I used to studied at a 'rubbish' secondary school. Yup, you didn't heard me wrong. This is what those adults used to called my secondary school. The reason is because my secondary school is good in sport, but with extremely bad result. Total numbers of student who score Full A in their are even less than 10 person. And me, I'm a student who have bad result who always failed my Sejarah(History) subject but fortunately pass other subjects. I did score A for several subjects, but just a few. You know parents always hope we can do better in our study. My parents sometime will scold me before my result was the WORST among the sisters. Yeah, I know my older and younger sister's result always better than mine but I never put effort on my study. Most of the time I just hang out with friends or playing video/computer games at home. =X  

Until Form 4(16 years old), I was selected into Science Class. It separate me and my friends because all my friends were falls into Art Class. Suddenly I feel kinda lonely for couples of day, luckily I manage to make some good friends and now they are my BFF.  My parents always hoping me I can get into Science class because my Father think Add Maths was quite important. As a Chinese, you need to good in Math subject. No offence, this is what I used to heard from the adults since I was a kid. Yes, I'm suck at Math. Although my Add Math never been good result, but at least I try not to failed it.

Time flies, decision making during end of Form 5(17 years old) was essential. I need to decided my own path. I feel glad that my parents doesn't really give me too much of pressure. My mum just asking whether I want study Degree programme or just start working. First thing comes to my mind, of course I WANT TO STUDY!!  I hope study can give me more basic knowledge instead of just fresh plain paper(no working experience).

Silly me thought college is FUN! But it's actually not that fun as we saw in the movie like American Pie. We can't always compare our college/university to other countries because every country have their own culture. So I step in my college life, at first I thought it was quite fun, making new friends, adapting new environment. And yes, I got homesick for the first few days. If you're ever staying alone at outside your hometown like me, you will know exactly how I feel. Well, not alone. I'm staying with bunch of super friendly housemates and they treat me like a family member. I feel glad because we always share things, hang out, watch TV together, sharing our experience no matter related to study or lifestyle. Thank god for giving me such a nice experience for the first time living with anonymous person. I thought would be creepy for staying with unknown people. =)

Last time I studied my Foundation at University College of Technology & Innovation(UCTI) but now they named as APU. I got bad result during my Foundation, the GPA is like only 2.7 something. The reason is because I met with some friends who like to play more than study. Until end of second semester, I decided to transfer to Multimedia University. The reason is because my older sister was a former student there and I want to change a brand new environment. I need to study instead of just playing around and wasting my parent's money during my college life. Ever since, in order to get into MMU, my family started to giving me pressure. I cried almost everyday during 3rd semester because I'm giving pressure to myself too. I knew I'm not a smart person and I'm not sure whether I can score better result. My sister actually gave me a target that I need to score at least GPA 3.0 for this semester. And finally, my 3rd sem GPA was 3.34.

After completed my Foundation life at UCTI, finally I started my Degree life at Multimedia University(MMU).  I never feel regret for transfers to this University. The study environment is better than UCTI a lot! Majority of the students are so friendly and some of them willing to teach you instead of being selfish. Well, at least for my batch, not sure about other batches. The first day I was there was like Week 3 of the 1st semester. Yup, I'm a late comer because of the stupid UCTI releasing the result super late. Lucky me, my group members aka new friends guide me about the assignments, the lecture notes and the environment etc. Voila~ My GPA in first semester 3.4 and my GPA keep improving every single semester. I'm so proud of myself because I knew I'm not a smart student and it's not easy to get a moderate good result. Guess what!? When there are some students from Ipoh asking me which secondary school I studied, and they felt shocked because they a student who had bad result in the 'rubbish' school able to get the SAME CGPA as them! I know right~ My school was suck but SO WHAT! My current result in University is same level as yours and I'm making more money than you now! My result was Second Upper overall and do you guys know MMU was in Top7 University in Malaysia?

Don't get me wrong. The purpose that I blog about this not means how great am I now. I just want to let my readers know, "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, DON'T LET ANYONE TO TAKE YOU DOWN." In our life, there are sure a lot of people wish to see you failed instead of success. Human are selfish, if they don't get it, they don't want you to get it too. Trust me, once you achieve something big, all those haters who ever backstab and look down on you will eventually pretending as your BFF. Well, of course, don't be so arrogant. My father always told me sometime you achieved something you thought you're in top of the pyramid, but you never know maybe tomorrow people might even higher position than you!

Here are some ADVICE that I would love to share with you guys. I'm not a professional, but I just want to share my experience to you guys. Who knows~ It might be works for some of you right? For those readers who might step in College or University Life very soon / You haven't make your decision yet,  maybe you should know the following advices :

1. Tell your parents about your final decision, don't make it to the last
No matter you want to study or work, at least just inform your parents about your decision. Your parents never know about your thinking unless you voice it out. Sometime they thought you're agree when you remain silent. One of my friend actually don't want to study in fact he got no interest at all. However, eventually he get into University because he didn't tell his parents about his decision. At the end, his result getting worst semester by semester and caused extend on his Degree.

2. Study Smart / Study Hard
You might always heard many senior saying this, but did you really know about the story behind? I'm not a smart person, so I choose study hard. I'm that kind of good in memorise person. I will started to study 1 week before the final exam and I will memorise all those notes. Of course, sometime you need to be smart a bit. When lecturer is giving tips or emphasize the subject or syllabus during lecture class, I will mark "" on my notes so I can focus on this during revision time. Whenever lecturer said this is not important or just read through these few slides, I will directly put "" on these respective notes so I no need to study again for this. It will save a lot of time during your revision you know? Imagine 5 useless slides for each chapter and you got 12 chapters, you can save your time and save the space in your brain for minus the 60 slides.

3. Work Hard / Play Hard
We always heard people said when you work, work hard, when you play, play hard right? Yes, I'm totally agree to this! Not saying in order to achieve excellent result, you need to avoid party life and just concentrate on your study. It will eventually driving you crazy and giving yourself a lot of pressure. This might be one of the factor that student suicide tragedy happened. When you having free time, go out with your friends for movies or chit-chating, don't give yourself too much of pressure. On the other hand, if you will be having exam very soon, stop all the fun activity and focus on the revision. [Unless you're born to genius or smart, so you can be lazy]

4. Choose your Major according to your interest and expertise. Don't listen to others
I personally choose Electronic Commerce as my major because I love Internet and this is my interest. Guess what? Most of my friends are from Finance, Marketing, Management, Financial Engineering course etc. However, I didn't change my course because of them because I knew among all the courses, I can only do best in E-Commerce. I found out some people doesn't have a clear idea of which major should they choose, so eventually they just follow friend's decision. Until the end, they failed their test, doing bad in their assignment etc. I knew some of your parents might mentioned to you before 'interested can't brought you money' 兴趣找不到吃  It might be your interest but it might be not logical or something. For my case, I want to choose Fashion Design as my major during secondary school moment. I actually talk about this with my mum and she gave me a lot of advice. After I listens to her carefully so at the end I choose another course.

5. Choose your path by your own. Don't blame others but yourself when you're failed
You should be the one who handling your own path. Don't be silly to ask others to choose for you. You may ask about your friends and family for their opinions but that is for your reference, not help you to make decision.  I hate when somebody have no idea and ask other people to help them decide, at the end they just blame you and without saying thank you. Have you ever think of when you're successful, who are the one who received the biggest benefits? YOU! So why you blame other when you're failed? Maybe you are the who didn't do the great job isn't it?

Well well, I knew you guys might feel bored enough about my wording. So here are some photos that I took during my convocation. Special thanks to my buddy Samuel for the beautiful photos as memories.

I can't make it without the support of my parents. I LOVE YOU DADDY & MAMMY   

And of course, my beloved family. This year we add on a little cute family member, my niece Lisbon 

After completed the ceremony, I went out from the Grand Hall and search for my parents.
Before I met my parents, these 2 fellas (Samuel & TK) gave me this kawaii Minnie Flower. Arigato

Sorry for I looks fat here. My skirt have no cutting. =(

Nicole - My very first groupmate when I transfer to MMU.

YY - My best alcoholic buddy

Sal-Lyn - The second Chin-dian friend in my life. Super friendly and always laughing on my jokes.

Jia Siong - A smart guy with humble personality, and he was my coursemate.

" Yeah~ Finally we graduated!! "

For more photos, please visit my Photo Album :
My Convocation 2014

Till then, good luck fellow readers  


  1. thanks for sharing and congratulation on your graduation~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

    1. You're most welcome. Thank you very much <3

  2. Cute! Congrats :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  3. thanks for sharing your story Shini, and congratulations on your graduation ^_^ i also just finished my degree in July and my convocation will be in this upcoming November!

    1. You're most welcome sweetie. ^^ Really? Congratulation sweetie and all the best for future. =D

  4. Thank you for sharing, and CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation! <33

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. You're most welcome sweetie and Thank you <3 ^^

  5. Congratulations! You look so pretty! And I'm new on your blog. Just wanted to say I really like your beauty reviews on products. I never tried it before but knowing someone who has tried it, makes me happy to hear what is good and not good.

    Check my blog @

    1. Thank you very much sweetie!! ^^ Awww <3 Thanks for the support and glad you like it. I just love to share my experience with my readers =)

  6. Congratulations babe! Happy for you~ And btw, I never passed my sejarah before too! Hahaha *high five!* XDD

    Nicole Yie

    1. Thank you so much babe <3 HAHA *high five* XD

  7. Congratulations on graduating~ ^ ___ ^



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