7 July 2014

ZOUK KL 10th Anniversary Party

Hola  Today is a short post about invitation to ZOUK KL 10th Anniversary Party. Happy belated birthday to ZOUK!! Can't believe it's actually 10 years old. I still remember the first time visit was like just happened yesterday, time flies.  It seems like only yesterday ZOUK KL opened its doors to the KL club scene. But 10 years on and with more accolades than we can count, ZOUK KL still stands strong and firm as the pace setter for the local scene. Special thanks to their PR, I was invited as VIP to attend their 10th Anniversary Party.

Here are some photos taken on that night :

The reason it's a short post is because I don't have took many photos on that night. As you know, most of the photos are the same and I'm enjoying the party with friends instead of just taking photos. =)

Oh my~  I apply light make-up even I'm ready for clubbing but I guess because I knew my face not suitable for heavy make-up.

Hometown friend Kaze are my driver of that night. LOL

Since I have few passes, of course I bring along my high school buddy Ken along!

With some girls. Gosh~ I realize my make-up really light. =D

I had a lot of fun on that night. It's been awhile since I going to a club. Not sure whether I'm aging or bored. Whenever I feel I wanna take alcohol, I will prefer drink it at home, lounge or bar. I used to clubbing like almost every month but not anymore since 2 years ago. Well, I guess I admit I'm old now. Oopsie~  =X

If you love party, don't forget to visit their Facebook Page for latest updates : fb.com/zoukclubkl


  1. Hehehe clubbing party! :D Fun night! :)



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