8 July 2014

Beauty Night with Mary Cohr @ Pietro Ristorante Italiano

Pronto  I need to be hardworking drafting blog post from now on because I got tons of pending blog post need to be published. Don't get me wrong, blogging is still my passion. Just maybe I'm no longer student now and my weekend plan was always fantastic so I might hardly draft my post even on weekend. I even sometime yum cha with friends at night so night time might be hard for me too. LOL~ However, THANK GOD majority of the sponsors are so lovely and patience enough for waiting my blog post. 

Oopsie~  Back to the topic! Today post is about beauty care again. Special thanks to Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers(MHB) for invitation, I got the chance to explore the beauty night with Mary Cohr to explore lots of beauty knowledge. 

Fyi, both ladies and even men will soon be able to enjoy the extensive range of Mary Cohr products in salons across Malaysia to be brought in by Mary Cohr Malaysia, the appointed partner of Mary Cohr France. Mary Cohr Malaysia is focused on bringing Mary Cohr products into the local market and distributes them through exclusive beauty salons in the coming months.

The event was held at Pietro Ristorante Italiano @ Damansara Heights.

Ms. Wendy Woo, Chief Executive Officer of Mary Cohr Malaysia shared that Mary Cohr has been in the global market for more than 30 years with many success stories. Here in Malaysia, they will be importing more product ranges that will suit Asian skin, something that will benefit both salons and consumers alike. Mary Cohr Malaysia will be working closely with the local beauty salons to get consistent updates on consumers' feedback, and they will continuously provide training sessions to ensure that all the salon's beauty consultants are able to assist and provide world-class standards of consultation and provide suitable treatments to all the customers and clients. Moreover, they have calibrated the prices of the products for the Malaysian market to ensure that they are within the means of middle income consumers.

The products available in Mary Cohr Malaysia include but not limited to :
Vital Essences
✿ New Youth
✿ Pure Environment
✿ Age Sign's Repair
✿ SWhite
✿ Night Slimlook
✿ Hydromose-Cellualr Moisturisation Serum
✿ Perfect Gel Cleanser
✿ Nourishment
✿ Epil Smart & Stick Hair

- CatioVital Deep Cleansing Series -

- Catio Vital Lift Treatment - 

- Catio Clean Deep Cleansing Beauty Treatment -

- Peel & Life Series -

- SWhite Series -  

Mary Cohr Laboratories are indeed one of the very few cosmetics manufacturing companies in the world to have double certification from the international certification organisation Bureau VERITAS; The first is ISO 22716 which lays down good manufacturing practices which ensures high quality products; Mary Cohr laboratories has white rooms, uses pure water which is tested on a continual basis, double weighing checks and procedures for enabling the trace-ability of each product. The second certification is ISO 14001, a standard that espouses the principle of environmental protection through the control of the impact of the company's activity. 

- Make-up Products -

Since we are in the Italian cuisine, of course we been served with delicious Italian dishes and some sparkling juices. My favourite dish would be the risotto. =)

My partner in crime of that night Angelica.

Of course, got some goodies from Mary Cohr.

What I got was Gentle Toning Lotion which is completely eliminates make-up traces, tones and refreshes the skin. Yet, I also received a New Youth Lip Care which regains nourishment and plumpness. I tried both of them and found out the result was great.

For more information, please visit their Website and Facebook Page as well :
Mary Cohr - marycohr.com | fb.com/Mary-Cohr-Malaysia

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