3 July 2014

Dermal Nutritive Medical Face Spa @ ME Clinic

Hola It's time to pampering my face! Although I always pampering my face with a lot of skin care and maintain it well. However, sometime applying those skin care is not enough. According to the professional beauticians, they said we should visit the facial centre for at least once in a month. =)

Maybe you guys found out my skin is fair according to my photo, but actually there's some pigmentation on my face too. Because of my fair skin, it even more obvious when the sunlight strike on my face.  Fair skin is not enough. I also think a healthy skin should be glowing all the time. My skin is fair but not glowing either. This time, I choose ME Clinic. Why ME Clinic? Because I read couples of review from the consumers saying the services was brilliant so I decided to give it a try. *wink*

I like the LED light which under the reception table. It looks elegant. ^^

Fyi, ME Clinic is not new, it was shifted from Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. ME Clinic is a licensed clinic that only provide FDA approved products and machines. ME Clinic provides aesthetic treatment, where by a little enhancement could increase one confident. For me, confident is essential because it's like a sparkle on your body.

 Medical grade skin care products + Medical grade machines (Instant result + Long lasting)
Gloved finger extraction of blackhead and white head then apply anti-septic after extraction to prevent infection. Will not use metal comedone extraction.
 High hygienic level. No recycle towel like what others did.
 Cozy ambience with private room. Only one client in one treatment room.
 Customized different ampoule for different area of the face. (eg: forehead dehydrated so hydration ampoule will be used; oily cheek so sebum control ampoule will be combined. Not the same ampoule being use for the whole face)
 The algae peel off mask is cold so that it calms the skin, hydrate and brighten up the skin.
 No extraction of blackhead and white head red mark after the treatment!

Okay, I knew I looks like a pig here. Obviously it's the "Before" picture. LOL

Yes, this is the first time I tried the mask which fully cover my face! It's so comfortable and giving me cool effect. You can see how thick is the texture. I feel my face so "doink doink" after applying this.

Yeah~ We're done! Suddenly I become a snow white here. LOL

They even prepare us the comb and hair dryer, just in case our hair get messy after the facial. So nice~

In case you want to know the details of the procedures, here you go :

 Skin consultation.
 Cleanse with gentle milk cleanser
 Double cleanse with gel cleanser
 Gentle exfoliate
 Extraction of blackhead & white head
 Application of anti-septic
 Penetration of customized ampoules by cryo-electroporation machine
 Face massage
 Application of customized algae peel off mask
 Relaxing shoulder massage
 Application of skin care

You guys must thought this face spa should be like long hours but actually it took about 2 hours+ to complete the procedures. As you can see according to my pictures, my face become more moisture, fairer and what I like the most was I feel my face so clean. Most of you might think it only provide instant effect like normal facial right? Surprisingly it wasn't. As I mentioned earlier, it's more focus on 'medical' part so it really giving your extra effect compare to other facial. Don't get me wrong, medical doesn't really means medicine. It's just more into the high end ingredients. Of course, you need to maintain your skin well for your own. Overall, I'm satisfied with the services. The staffs were friendly, the beautician massage my skin gently(I really don't like those beautician harsh to my face) and their location is convenient because it's located at KL City area. So basically you can take public transport such as monorail, LRT and bus to get there. Morever, since it's located in the shopping complex, so while your friends or boyfie waiting for you to complete the face spa, they can go take a walk, shopping or enjoy a movie somemore. LOL  =D

Yuppie! You guys can entitle BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion on Medical Face Spa only if you're my readers! So don't forget to quote my name when you're visiting ME Clinic.  =)

LG-18, Lower Ground Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
No.1 , Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

603-2143 3866 / whatapps: +6018-22228122


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  1. wow, so thick the mask :D


  2. Hi Shini!

    May i know the pricing for the spa ? :DDD

    1. It's cost about RM500, you may whatsapp them for the details. =)


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