30 June 2014

Eskayvie Launches : Redianze and i-Qids

Hola I'm here again~  Today post is about the Eskayvie Tea Party which I attended on last month. Special thanks to Butterfly Project, I've been invited to the event which held at Pullman Hotel @ Bangsar

Do you love my #ootd?  The mint green skirt is the main point. LOL

So these products are the main character of the day which is - Redianze and i-Qids. I will explain further later, so please continue reading. =)

Since the lighting is quite dull inside so me and Nicole to selfie at the lounge. The lighting quite nice huh? LOL

The open speech started with the beautiful host. My eyes was keep staring at her because she's really pretty. =D

Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri, the CEO of Eskayvie and with hands on experience in developing all these products gave a lively product presentation. He also introduced us to Eskayvie best selling beauty supplement - Redianze. Trust me, he doesn't look like the ordinary doctor because the way he talking was way tooooooo funny. We all enjoy his speech and he keep making us laugh. He also taught us what is exactly of collagen because most of us just know the word without really understand the terms. 

" Redianze = enriching lives from within "
It bringing the science of anti-ageing to the next level, Redianze's powerhouse combination of skin-beautifying and health rejuvenating ingredients promise to quench the thirst of ageing skin and offer a breakthrough solution to achieve optimal well-being, enabling the body to rejuvenate itself and stay free from degenerative diseases as well as other age related conditions. Redianze offers advanced cellular nutrition that supplements the body with collagen builders, free radicals quenchers, internal photo-protector and bio-hydrators which are essential for age-defying process.

On the other hand, I-Qids is a cuting edge formula, combining well researched brain nutrients of Memofortex and Omegalinol along with the health supporting benefits of Co-isolate, Vitaral, Colostrum and Algalithe. I-Qids is a truly revolutionary formula, delivering DHA, ALA and PC in one synergistic drink. It sets a strong early foundation for growth and learning so that your child has the best possible start in life. =)

We also tried the beauty supplement on the spot and I love the flavour of I-Qids!

Thank you for Butterfly Project and Eskayvie for the invitation. I learnt something today.

They also prepare some foods and desserts for us. ^^

With my girls on that day

Of course, not to forget to selfie with the beautiful host. =)

Thanks to Eskayvie for those goodies.

I tried the Redianze on the next day. The flavour was like berry mix with orange. It's sweet and sour. I knew some of the consumer are afraid of the collagen because they worry about the flavours. No worries, Me myself are afraid of the weird tastes of supplement so I think it's good. You just need to consume 1 packet for each day. =)

While for my favourite i-Qids, I need to consume 2 packet for each day because I'm not a kid anymore(obviously duh!) As I mentioned earlier, I love the taste! It tastes like Milo or Chocolate drink. For a chocolate lover like me, this is the flavour that I will like. ^^

For more information, please visit their Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/eskayviemalaysia


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