16 June 2014

[REVIEW] Total Skin Revolution with Tony Moly

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Hola   I'm wayyyyyyyy too excited while blogging about this post. I'm pretty sure most of you heard of #Tony Moly right?  Yup, it's one of the famous Korean brand. I'm actually read couple of reviews and some friends introduce it on social media platform. I always want to give it a try and I feel so blessed because they provide me the opportunity to tried & tested on their famous product series. Thank you so much Tony Moly

Fyi, Tony Moly is the mixture of the words “Tony” which means nice and trendy, and “Moly” which means included or employed in Japanese. The Tony Moly Brand, which is a simple mixture of black, white and gray and with the style of the young urban scene shows the premium cosmetic image that Tony Moly is trying to emulate.

Tony Moly is the total beauty cosmetic brand for the women of the world, women who are eligible to be more beautiful. Tony Moly delivers the total skin solution all women look for in a cosmetic brand. Their products cater to women with chic lifestyle.
You must be wondering why my blog title was written as "Total Skin Revolution". It's actually because Tony Moly’s brand slogan is “Total Skin Revolution”. Their beauty products offer all women’s individual cosmetic needs. Tony Moly delivers the total skin solution all women look for in a cosmetic brand. 

I always heard most of my friends bought their Tony Moly products at oversea, but now I guess you guys can grab it at Malaysia. ^^ I was invited to visit the Tony Moly branch which located at Sg.Wang. Please continue reading to know more about their outlet. ^^

Ta-da!! This is one of their hot sale products called Panda's Dream series. Are your heart melting when you saw their kawaii design and packaging. *wink*

Another hot sale products called Egg Pore. It's specialize for tighten and clean your pores.

Their famous and unique product called BCDation. When I spot it at the first sight, I told myself I must get one for myself. 

I fall in love with their design, all are so cute and inspired. The coffee series product are smell like exactly the same as Cappuccino. ^^

Colourful and shinning nail polish. They even selling snazzy nail stickers. 

Sexy lips design for some lip balm.

They have different series of skin care products. Each series specialize for different skin types such as Sensitive, Anti-aging, Young teen and many more. My suggestion would be better ask for the beauty advisor which series of product suitable for your skin type. =)  

They also having the current trend - Snail series.

Hand cream and body lotion.

Here comes the loose and compact powder.

The Cats Wink Clear Pact  powder is so kawaii! The owner telling me that those make-up artist giving good review on their Luminous Sheer Powder. One of the make-up artist saying they use it as their long term powder. =) 

Besides, they also selling different kind of accessories and facial masks.

The pretty owner - Alvina and me! Special thanks for your lovely gift sets

In case you wonder their outlet located at which part of Sg.Wang, you can found it easily if you passed by Giant. =) 

Location : C45, Lower Concourse Level, Sg. Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21101042

Yup, basically I received all the Panda's Dream series product for review purpose. Unfortunately I can't try on the famous eye stick because it's out of stock. Owner told me the eye stick is a hot sale product! Once restock then those customers will bought at least 2 units for own use. Wow, would love to give it a try once they restock again. =)

Can't wait to try it one-by-one. By looking on their appearance is simply cute and heart melting. 

The first one that I'm gonna give it a try would be Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

Why it's called as "Magic" cream because it can give you instant whitening effect. Yup, like within a few minutes! How? Just apply a few drop on your face and rub it gently. I suggest don't take too many amount of the cream because I guess I took a little bit too much of it and eventually I looks like Geisha. HAHAHAHA~  Just apply few drop would be looks more natural. =)  

Comment : It's not sticky nor oily. It's texture just like normal cream. I felt a little bit of cold effect while applying it. I guess this is the SOS cream if you having redness on your acne mark, then you use it to cover the redness. 

The next would be the Panda's Cream Eye Make-up Remover Pad

Comment : Kawaii baby blue packaging already been so cute, with the rain drop design? It's way more cute! I like their shape of the pad because it's round(normal size would be square or rectangle). Moreover, although it's written as eye make-up, but I also use it remove my make-up on face and it works perfectly though. I personally use it to remove my waterproof mascara because it able to clean it with ease. However, it's slightly oily after you wipe it with your face. Thus, remember to clean your face with cleanser once you're done. 

My favourite product would be the BCDATION SPF30/PA++ 50g✿  [#2 Natural Beige]

Comment : Remember I mentioned earlier I would love to grab myself one for this? Thanks for the lovely owner for giving me this! It's not the normal foundation or BB cream. It's actually BB cream + CC+foundation in 1! Have you ever try out these 3 combination? I bet you not.  =)  I just apply foundation once in my life because I thought it's too heavy for me. So when I heard foundation is included in this, I'm worry of the thickness. However, surprisingly it's not thick and heavy at all! It even giving me good coverage especially for my dark eye circle. I can telling you honesty it have become my favourite cream which I will apply whenever I go out. I'm sorry, I can't find other BB cream giving me such smooth texture on my face. Therefore, I'm strongly suggest you guys to buy this!

I also tried their Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base 

Comment : This would be my very first time to tried on the brightening eye base skin care products. I only tried and tested on cream, rolling gel, serum and concealer for eyes. I have to emphasized that it won't giving you the instant whitening effect too much because my dark eye circles are too serious. It might able to fully cover your dark eye circles if your situation doesn't serious as mine.  =)  It's actually like dry powder. It's not sticky nor oily. You just dab gently on your eye bag and use finger to dab it for making it looks more natural.

The Panda's Dream Hand Cream.

Panda's Dream Eye Patch

Last but not least, Tony Moly's glitter nail polish.

Overall thought : 
I will definitely try their other series of skin care and cosmetic products in future. All their design are so tempting! Hopefully you guys can found the product you want too. Love ya 


  1. i love their panda design, so cute!! and I never knew about the BB+CC+Foundation cream they have. one day I shall give it a try ^_^

    1. Yup, me too ^^ This is the first time I tried the BCDation and it's awesome ^^

  2. I didn't know TONYMOLY is in Malaysia! Shall visit the store sooooooon!!! :D

    1. Yup, me too. Most of my friends they bought it at oversea. =)


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