20 June 2014

[REVIEW] Resilience Snail Cream | Reacheer Summer-night Lipstick

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Bonjour Sorry for the late update. The stupid Unifi always down and I keep calling TM they always gave us the same answer saying they will send the technician to have a look but eventually no one came. =.='''
I was force to visit some cafe and sit down for blogging because I don't like to blog by using my cellphone.  =)

Back to the topic, today post is all about beauty again. All thanks to Silk Apple, I got the chance to review their lovely products again. I always like their products because it's all made in Taiwan and it's rarely find their products on any drug store in Malaysia.

This time, they sent me the famous snail cream and the trendy lip stick. I purposely choose these 2 items because I never try out snail cream before and the colour that I've chosen was the colour I desired. =)

The first one that I'm gonna review today would be -  Resilience Snail Cream 

I always heard many user saying snail cream is really useful and it's works on any skin type(even sensitive skin). So when browse their website, I told myself I'm gonna grab this when I spot the snail cream. LOL

 You can see from the picture, the cream is so creamy white and the texture is thick.

When you apply it on your face, you can feel there's a layer protecting your skin. Since it's thick texture, you can feel your face is still moisture even on the next day. =)  Although the descriptions mentioned apply it twice a day, but I suggest apply it at night time because if you apply it on day time, maybe you will feel too thick. LOL

Next up would be - Reacheer Summer-night Lipstick 

Fyi, the colour that I've chosen was #RS01

I always love the transparent cover because when I'm in hurry, I can choose the colour that I want without open the cover. *Lazy me* 

 Actually the colour is consider Rose Violet, but because of the flash light it turns like Sharp Pink. ^_^'''

The Before and After, sorry for the broken lips! My lips are so dry on last few weeks. I have no idea why it's so dry because I do drink a lot of water. Overall I love this lip stick because it's moisture and make my skin looks fair after I apply it. This colour is quite unique compare to those common pink colour. I was finding this colour for so long because whenever I found it, it written "out-of-stock / sold out". =.=''' Now all thanks to Silk Apple, I can take it as one of my lips collection. ^^

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