10 June 2014

[FOOD REVIEW] IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi @ Damansara Uptown

Konnichiwa  Are you a Japanese food lover like me? If you're, then you must read this post to the end because trust me, you gonna love this!!  Me myself are a huge fans of Japanese foods. When I tasted it, it will get me addicted and non-stop craving for it. Anyone out there(like me) need to take Japanese meals at least twice a week? Well, I probably just miss my Japan trip.  :3

Few days ago, I was invited to attend the soft launch of IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi which is located at Damansara Uptown.  It is an upcoming healthy Japanese cuisine in fusion style. IKU is a food outlet that provides speedy food service, let it be "Dine or Dash". Unlike others Japanese food outlets, IKU provides a combination of an extraordinary convenience with affordable prices, and comprehensive selection of fusion Japanese cuisine. 

IKU means "to go; to visit" in Japanese and "行" in Chinese, IKU is all about healthy "fast food" to cater fast paced lifestyle. Apart on having yet another fast food outlet for take away, which are mainly Western cuisine. They are giving an alternative to the public on serving Japanese cuisine in fusion style. IKU give the expression of "on-the-go" concept with our varieties in the menu, from fusion sushi to special signature bento box.

You can see their design are very sophisticated and modern.  =)

Since they're having Dine or Dash concept, they also provide some packet which are ready for customers to choose and take away. It's so convenient and time consuming especially for those busy workers.

Chef Yama, apprentice of Mr.MichihikuSakakuchi-san, Master Chef New York. Dedicated Chef learned the art of sushi in Japan from Sensei, he has more than 20 years of working experience under his belt and observed the top 20 chefs within 5 years. Chef Yama creativity has drawn attention to one of the World finest Chef Jorge Rodriguez, America's Top 20 Chefs and gained rave reviews from newspapers in USA.

This would be the famous and signature dish of Chef Yama. When he smoke the salmon, all of us's saliva already come out actually. LOL

Co-founder - Eric explained to us details about their main concept, mission and vision.

IKU provides variety of Japanese foods which mainly for bento, sushi, noodles and side dishes etc. So, are you guys ready to "Unleash Your Taste" with me? Just use the imagination first before you visit the cuisine. LOL  =D

[ Prawn Soup Ramen or Udon ]

Basically the soup base is almost like the soup of prawn mee that we normally eat. Frankly, I never taste prawn mee before in my entire life. So my "first time" consider gave to this dish. It got a little bit spicy in there and surprisingly I kinda like it.  =)

Price : RM12.80

[ Cold Soba ]

I always love cold soba! I knew quite a lot of people doesn't like to eat cold noodles but I always prefer cold soba instead of soba with soup. I also like the way they served it with a little bit touch of sesame as most of the cold soba didn't put sesame to outshine the taste.

Price : RM7.80

[ Unagi Don ]

Any Unagi lover here? Then you must try on this Unagi Don! The unagi and the sauce are amazing which will make people keep craving for it. I'm not a big fans of unagi but I did try and I never regret.. It's definitely worth a try. Guess what!? It's also the most expensive dish at IKU! The most expensive would be just RM26++ You can notice their price range is affordable.

Price : RM26.80

[ Seafood Soup Ramen or Udon ]

If you love seafood, then this dish might be your favourite. Because the chef combined the udon with delicious crab stick, oyster, and ebi etc. The taste of soup would be a little bit of spicy for me but I guess you guys won't feel spicy in it. Probably I guess because I just don't eat spicy.

Price : RM12.80

[ Salmon Porridge ]

If you want to try something lighter, salmon porridge might be your choice. I tried salmon cooked in many way(I even tried the salmon soup before),  but this would be the first time to try it with porridge. The porridge is very smooth and soft. The added salmon able to outshine the taste or porridge as well.

Price : RM5.80

Besides that, they also provides some bento too. Sometime I would love to order bento because I can try different kinds of foods in one time.  =)

[ Japanese Chicken Curry ]

When I look at this bento, the curry soup is so tempting! As I mentioned earlier, I don't eat spicy but I forgotten to mentioned, I like to eat potato and soft carrot. So when I tasted it, the potato and carrot taste delicious. The soup is not spicy at all. It's quite unique because normally the Japanese curry we saw is quite creamy but this is more in soup kind. Morever, the curry is more into Malaysia's curry style instead of the traditional way.  The katsu(chicken) taste quite nice too.

Price : RM12.80

[ IKU Bento Sashimi ]

Sashimi!!  Who doesn't love sashimi right? If you're a sashimi lover at the same time you doesn't like to eat rice, then this bento sashimi would be your best choice! I like the salmon and ebi sashimi because it's fresh and taste good. Of course, the sushi and vegetables salad is nice as well. It's definitely delicious and healthy.

Price : RM18.80

[ IKU Salmon Terriyaki ]

I love salmon!! So how do I resist this salmon terriyaki bento! The salmon just taste nice and it's not overcooked. I don't like to eat overcooked salmon because I feel it will be very dry and I need fill those green tea in my throat to drive away those dryness. The sauce is taste not bad too. If you noticed, instead of putting the rice like the normal way, they make it "heart" shape. Awww~ Don't you think it's so kawaii?  =D

Price : RM17.80

[ IKU Special Ebi Tempura ]

Ebi ebi ebi, the ebi is so crunchy and the sauce make it taste better! I actually like the way they put sauce on it because normally some cuisine they just put the fried ebi on the plate without any sauce. It eventually will a little bit dry when you're tasting it.

Price : RM18.80

With Chef Yama's extensive experience and his passion for sushi, besides using the traditional soy sauce and wasabi combo, he created 10 special sauces to go with the sushi and bento box. "Fusion is the sauce. I've made 10 different sauces just for salmon" says Chef Yama.

They have some special sauce such as mango, strawberry and spicy sauce etc. My favourite would be the white tartar sauce because it taste tempting.

How can we missed out the signature salmon belly sushi by Chef Yama! A MUST try dish at their cuisine!

[ Fusion Salmon Belly Osaka ]

Salmon Belly sashimi with special sauce.

Price : RM12.80

[ Fusion Salmon Belly New York ]

My personal favourite would be the New York style because I like the taste among others. I have no idea what ingredient that the chef to put in to makes me craving for it. =D

[ Fusion Salmon Belly Las Vegas ]

There are total 9 types of salmon belly sushi there but I managed to tried 4-5 types. All of them are matching with different sauces.  

[ Fusion Mango Wakiki ]

Strongly recommend to try this dish because it's all about fusion! Chef Yama match the traditional sushi roll with sweet mango slices. The first time I tasted it I feel it's weird maybe I'm not used to the sweetness of the sushi, but after I tried the second time, it taste better. So for some advise, if you're a fans of sweetness, then this dish might not suitable for you.

Price : RM8.80

Tried all these delicious foods and I feel so FULL after I went back home. LOL

If you thought fusion is only apply on their foods, then you're wrong because they apply on their beverages too.

[ IKU Signature Drinks (Traffic Light) - Iced Matcha Passion Puree | Iced Matcha Green Apple | Iced Matcha Lychee Rose ]

Instead of traditional green tea, they come out with these drinks which using green tea as a base with puree. My personal favourite would be the Passion fruit puree because I think it match my taste! Sweet but not too sweet and a little bit of sour taste. The green apple and lychee rose are a little bit sweet for me. Of course, the taste is always depends on own preferences.

Price : RM5.80 

[ IKU Signature Drinks - Matcha Chocolate (hot/cold) | Matcha Latte (hot/cold) | Matcha White Coffee (hot/cold) ]

Beside the traffic light series, they also served matcha based with common flavours such as chocolate, green tea latte and coffee. My personal favourite of course goes to Chocolate! I always a fans of chocolate and this drink taste nice. It's consists of 80% chocolate and 20% green tea. The latte is quite nice too and white coffee smell so go good. They also served it with hot drinks, so you can choose whether you want hot or cold.

Price : RM6.80

Posing with my favourite drink of IKU.

With my girls at the soft launch. All of us love Japanese foods a lot!

Why IKU ?
❥  Because I like the concept of "Dine or Dash". It's definitely time consuming and convenient especially for those busy worker like me. 
❥  Affordable price range. You can noticed their price range is really affordable. Everyone can enjoy the delicious Japanese foods now.
❥  Cosy environment. Even you are finding a high tea place for chill out. You also can visit IKU to order some side dishes and their signature drinks to chit chat with your friends.
❥  Unique Fusion foods. I bet you can't find those unique sauce at other Japanese cuisine. 

Special thanks to IKU for the lovely vouchers! I will definitely pay a visit again! 
Wish to get a voucher from them too? Check out their Facebook Page to know how.

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi 
No.21, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,

Operating Hours: 9.00am to 9.30pm daily
Email: social@iku.com.my

Website: www.iku.com.my
Instagram: @myiku


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