7 June 2014

Nuffnang Lovin' @WXYZ Bar, Aloft Hotel

Hello guys❤   Recently have couples of event and sponsor's appointment need to attend so might caused me a little bit busy here. However, I do enjoy my busy life because this is how I roll! Oopsie~ *Run out of topic* Today I'm gonna blog about the #Nuffnanglovin event I attended on last month. I rarely attend Nuffnang event because the timing always not suitable for me. >,<  It's either happening when I'm at Ipoh or I'm going for vacation something. Finally, I able to attend their very first #Nuffnanglovin. If you missed out this event, no worries, they said they might organize it in future too!

As usual, sharing my #OOTD with you guys. =D  Hope you all like my outfits.

-  Concept of Nuffnang Lovin'  -
The reason why they come out with this event is because they want to keep in touch and stay close with the bloggers. Nuffies always met bloggers in many event but they don't really have the time to know more about the bloggers. So that's why they create this event and we do even have some games such as ice-breaking to know more about each other.

Our event is held at @WXYZ Bar, Aloft Hotel.  Frankly it's my first time to be there and it's quite nearby my house which is just 10 minutes driving distance! Will consider to visit here again to have a drink with friends.  =)

#Hashtag of the day!  LOL

They also prepare some foods & beverages for us too.

My favourite snack of that day! I don't usually eat this kind of sweet dessert but this is so yummy!


Luckily they served me Vodka Martini because it's my favourite cocktail!

Each table have one romantic lamp. LOL

They also invite the local artist band to sing songs for us.

The hotel manager also bring us around to check out their place and services.
They even selling some daily neccessities to those customers in case they forgot to bring something.

Then we went to the rooftop - Mai Bar

When we saw a swimmin pool there, all of us saying we should bring our bikini along too. LOL

Love the night view here

Meet my new friend aka partner in crime.  =)

Then, we also have some Q&A session. Nuffies share with us some tips of how to make money throught blogging. There's one sentence that I'm couldn't agree more : "Blog for your passion, not just about money." Yes, I blog because it's my passion. I start blogging since 6 years ago and previously I have only few visitors but I'm still continuing my blogging journey. If you blog purpose just for money purpose, then I'm pretty sure eventyually your readers won't read your blog anymore.  =)

We also having game session and guess what? We are the winning team !!  Having fun with other bloggers even from other states too. ^^

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