2 June 2014

[REVIEW] Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls

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Hola❤  Question here, when you think about Japanese girl, what things first comes into your mind? Their hairstyles, fashion, make-up or their beautiful skin? Yup, the first things that comes into my mind would be their fair and smooth skin !! Whenever I watch Japanese movies, I always envy their skin because they really looks like *doink doink* even I never touch it.

All thanks to Natta Cosme I got the chance to review their Tokyo Love Soap - Pure Girls  I always love Natta Cosme because they have variety of nice yet affordable beauty care and cosmetic products. Of course, with their good services as well. Oh ya! Lovely readers please read it till the end because I have something exclusive for you guys. ^^

Let the pictures explain to you further shall we ??  =)

Beautiful packaging  

They also sent me the kawaii Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated)
It's with active ingredients Tricloasan and Glycyrrhizic Acid that will guarantee 24 hour protection from body odor all over the body specially at the sweat prone intimate, groin, buttocks, underarm and breast areas. This is fragrance-free, completely hypoallergenic and is the most suitable Tokyo Love Soap for problematic skin experiencing acne, eczema, rashes, pustular lesions and other infectious skin conditions.

I fall in love with their pinky design. You guys knew I'm huge fans of pink colour right?

Round shape soap just user-friendly and the smell so good

 Mimics the scent of natural female phermone
 Creates a natural rosy-white complexion
 Miroestrol from Red Kwao Krua prepares you for that intimate moment
 Powerful natural and organic skin whitening complex
 Lightens the skin as early as the first use
 Refines body hair for a smoother look (Only affects fine hairs. Does not affect the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.)
 Remove discolorations, freckles, melasma, age spots and dark spots
 Even out skin tone
 Make pores smaller
 Clarify and tone the pores
 Soften and smoothen skin
 Help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and scars
 Mild enough even for use on the intimate areas

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls have the same skin whitening and brightening property as the original but with a fresh unique scent of Pink Rose Petal Extracts. We also reformulated this soap and added natural plant sterols from Red Kwao Krua (Butea superba) containing Miroestrol, a natural Estrogenic Phenol clinically proven to minimize pores, smoothen the skin and add a natural rosy tone.

The mixture of Miroestrol and Pink Rose Petal Extracts is formulated in such a way that it mimics the natural female sex phermone thought to be important in causing sexual attraction and desire of the human male specie. This is why we called this soap “Girls”!

Natural and Organic skin whitening ingredients work in symphony to make skin smoother, radiant, poreless and naturally white with that glowing rosy complexion he surely can’t resist!

[ Instructions ]

1. Wet the skin.
2. Apply Tokyo Love Soap gently to the face and the body.
3. Make a lather and leave the product for at least 3 minutes.
4. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
5. Use every time you shower for best results.

This is the "Before" and "After" photo. Actually it doesn't really get the WOW instant whitening effect.
But I do think my hands get a little bit brighter. I guess you guys knew there's no magic instant whitening products unless it's unhealthy.  =X

As I already mentioned earlier, I have some exclusive for my beloved readers. Simply key in "TLSM" into coupon code during check out, customer entitle to get Tokyo Love Soap (Medicated) 15g for FREE when purchase any Tokyo Love Soap in Natta Cosme. Limited 100 pcs to give out, first come first serve!

Note : It is not selling in Natta Cosme yet, so better grab one for free to try out !  ^^

Price : RM85 (n.p RM148)

- Natta Cosme -

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