[REVIEW] Hanaka Volcanic Mud Face Pack & Dr.Douxi Show Whitening Jelly

1 June 2014

Hola  On previous post, I mentioned my face was full with pimples when I was 15. Therefore, some sweeties comment and PM me asking how to do really clear off all the pimples and remain smooth skin. Well well, answer will be revealed today. First of all, I need to EMPHASIZE this is not a SPONSORED POST. I personally share this with you guys because I think it's really works for my face.  =)  Of course, this is just part of me because we need details skin care product and procedure in order to have fair and smooth skin. However, I will blog about my full daily routine of my skin care products soon. Just give me some time to prepare alright? ^^

Yup!! Today I'm gonna introduce you guys my 2  favourite masks from Hermo❤  I'm pretty sure some of you have heard of Hermo right? It's actually beauty collection, the place to make you even more gorgeous. Hermo’s mission is to help people to be gorgeous by the ease and convenience of ecosystem. Thousands of people around Malaysia use Hermo to discover beauty products at great prices, trying out the most trendy ways to be gorgeous, and to share their beauty tips in the journey. 

They also partner with the brand owners and distributors to carry out brand flagship store in Hermo. By providing 100% original assurance, we are also a window of promotions between brands and consumer ! Check out our flagship stores in Hermo constantly and miss no more promotions !

Dr.Douxi Show Whitening Jelly

The first mask that I'm introduce would be #Dr.Douxi Show Whitening Jelly❤  I always huge fans of jelly mask because I think it able to bring out instant effects and also feeling so comfortable while you're applying it on your face.

It almost like ePure Jelly Mask if you have heard of it, just the price are slightly different. ePure is like RM120 and this mask only cost me RM54!!  Can you believe it!? It's less than half price of ePure.

Instructions : Apply it on your face(apply more on your T-zone area) and wait for 20-30 minutes then rinse off. Apply your daily skin care products after this.

Remember don't be stingy, apply it thickly on your face or else the instant effect won't works. You can see my face turns very fair after using it.(That's why I'm a snow white now even without make-up) LOL~ This mask's function would be whitening and soothing. It's suitable for all types of skin especially for dull and dry skin. 

Hanaka Volcanic Mud Face Pack~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another mask would be #Hanaka Volcanic Mud Face Pack❤  I always called it as my "SOS" mask!!  Wondering why?  Because everytime if my face having small pimples or big pores, it always help me to clear off!

It's actually my very first of mud mask! I always watch it applying by those auntie at Hong Kong movies and I wonder will it really nice to be  use? Guess I knew the answer now. =)

Instructions : Apply it on your face and wait for 20 minutes then rinse off. Apply daily skin care after use.

Same suggestion, remember to apply it all on your face. Since it's mud type, it's easily to to be seen if you didn't apply it fully. This mask is special for oil-control, cleaning and brightening as well. Guess what? It's only RM55!  Oh ya! Almost forgot to mentioned, Hermo will provide FREE SHIPPING if you purchase 2 of respective mask.  The delivery service is really fast because I receive it 2 days later of my order. 

Hope it will helps with your skin because I hope all of my readers will have a fair and smooth skin as mine. Who like to be called as "pimples girl" right? Do share with your friends and family if it's works. Love ya