8 March 2014 Taipei City, Taiwan

TAIWAN Trip Day 9 | 台湾之旅


Hello sweetie❤  Sorry for keep you guys waiting for my VERY LAST post of my #Taiwan Trip. Yup!! It's finally I blogged about my LAST DAY aka Day 9 of the trip. LOL~ So make sure you don't missed this post if you read all of them.  *wink*

Sweater, Tattoo Legging from @Taiwan // Bag from @Louis Vuitton // Black boots from @Singapore

 As usual, we having our breakfast at the hotel and taken our lunch at our favourite breakfast shop - @麦而美  I'm actually mentioned it couple times on my previous Taiwan trip post but I have no idea why some sweetie still asking me the same question. =.=

#1  Chicken Burger

#2  Bacon Sandwiches

#3  My favourite Fish Burger

#4  Taiwan famous omelette cake!

Seriously, both of us felt so sad when we knew this might be our last time to having breakfast or lunch at that shop. I strongly recommend you guys pay a visit there because their breakfast(especially burger) was really nice and the price are reasonable.  =)

#5  On the way to @Taiwan Tao Yuan Airport

Frankly, we don't wanna leave Taiwan although we already spend 9 days here. But still, we need to back to Malaysia. =(  Thought of visit Taiwan again this year but I feel wanna visit new country instead of just repeating the same country that I visited before.

#6  One of the famous part of the Tao Yuan Airport. Since I'm a HUGE fans of Hello Kitty, for sure I will visit and having the photo session there.  ;)

















Everything is so kawaii right? All of them have the Hello Kitty's image on the products!! I hope I can take Eva Airline at that moment but unfortunately I only afford to take Malaysia Airline. =(  Next time I will surely take Eva Airline and selca crazy inside. LOL~


#24  Bought some accessories for my Baby Z camera.

#25  Bubye Taiwan.  =(

#26  Our meals of the day. Mine was Ginger Fish Fillet with Rice set while boyfie's meals was Mushroom Chicken set.

#27  I also having my snack on the plane. First time tried the #Crispy-Mint Flavour of the M&M❤  I LIKE IT !!

#28  Haul of the trip !!  I knew I consider bought quite a few if compare with friends.  XD

#29  Majority I bought clothes and shoes because I think I can wear them anytime, anywhere and I can mix & match them with different outfits. I feel so regret because I didn't manage to buy many skin care products because they're really cheap but I keep looking at the fashion part instead of skin care. =(

Anyway, it's worth to travel Taiwan. In case you guys missed any post of it, here are the link for previous posts.


  1. wawww I love hello kitty. I wish i could go there. probably next time


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