23 February 2014

[#SHINIOOTD] Mix & Match with J's Pretty Shop ❤

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Hola❤  How you guys doing? After some feedbacks from the previous post, so yeah~ this gonna be another #ootd fashion post again. *wink*  Hope you guys won't feel bored about the similar topic. =)  I always like to mix and match my outfits so I can try different kind of styles. ^^  Special thanks to @J's Pretty Shop for sponsored me those lovely outfits Moreover, these outfits are easily to be match and actually you can wear it anytime anywhere.  =D

In case some of you not familiar with J's Pretty Shop, it's actually an online boutique which provide variety of products.  This time I choose 3 different kind of outfits, so I can match it with some of my own clothes. =)
So cut the crap, let the picture speak to you shall we?  

The very first style would be featuring their #Zip-zap Black Top❤  I'm matching with my own lace white shorts. Actually you can just simply match it with any outfits because black colour is always the most simple outfit to be match. So this is the example of my #monotone outfits. ^^

The next outfit would be the #Dark Green Skinny Pants Surprisingly it fit me well because my butt are huge so normally I don't dare to ask sponsors to sponsored me some pants. ^_^''' But this time I'm satisfied with the pants because I like this colour and it's another outfit which easily to be match. If you're not having a pair of skinny and long legs like me, you might fall in love with this pants. Because it having many different kind of colours and it have the long legs effect just as you the picture shown.

The 3rd outfits would be the #Black shorts  For me, a simple black short is a MUST item in our girl's wardrobe.  You can just match it with any outfits. I'm matching it with a gold top from @Topshop which is actually the same top that I match with the dark green pants. I purposely choose this shorts so whenever I have no idea what should I wear, this would be my favourite piece or should I say my top choice on the list? LOL

Another outfits would be the #Pinky shorts As most of you guys knew, I'm a huge fans of pink colour So this would be fall into my pinky collection!!  I'm totally fall in love with their pants category because all are exactly my size. It's comfortable to wear and won't be too tight like some of the pants. I'm matching it with my own yellow & pink peplum top. I knew I looks so sweet right? LOL~ I'm just like a huge size candy doll

Last but not least, I'm wearing top and bottom from their shop. LOL~ Both are black as well !! Oh ya! In case you guys wonder where I bought the gorgeous NIKE High Dunk(which is one of the main character today), it's actually been bought at @Hong Kong. So remember don't ask me where I bought this again ya because after I uploaded photo on my Instagram, some sweetie quickly pm me asking where do I bought them. =D

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Js-pretty-shop/113960018665541


  1. amazing looks *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3



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