21 February 2014

#SHINICNYOOTD x Selling Pre-loved ❤

Bonjour❤  This time I'm gonna create a PINKY blog post. So as you can see, this blog post is FULL of floral and pinky as well❤  I know right~ Chinese New Year was over, but I still want to blog about my #SHINICNYOOTD as I already promised some readers.  *wink*

So, this time I will separate my #ootd according to the days. The "Chor" word that you guys will be see really soon is actually represent the days of the CNY while the "Nian" refer to the year in Mandarin. Basically this post will be like a photolog instead of normal blog because I'm not gonna write a lot of words. =)

 #Nian 30 
Since I'm taking reunion dinner with my cousin at the slightly high class cuisine, so I will dress nice a bit. =D A colourful floral bralet // simple black skirt // blink blink shinig heels// matching with a @Louis Vuitton Bag will do. =)

 #Chor 1
Oh yeah~  That day is the first day of CNY !!  We actually started to collect our ang pao on that day! Usually the first day always the hottest day! So I just wearing a bralet again // matching it with the same heels & bag // with a short shirt.  =)

 #Chor 2
The second day is hot as the first day! So I'm wearing an off-shoulder pastel top // matching with dip-dye colour shorts // same heels(I love this shoes alright) and same bag. XD

 #Chor 3 

Okay. The third day I started to dress casual. So oversize military shirt is my best choice // matching with pinky shorts // army heels // same LV bag.

 #Chor 8
Time pass fast, already jump to Day 8! I skip the day 4-7 because I didn't really doll up and take nice picture. LOL~ So the Day 8 I just wearing a thin layer of white shirt // matching it with my white lace pants (I do wear a pants ok)

 #Chor 9
That day was the last day to stay Ipoh before I went back to KL. So I just tied my hair up(inspired by Queen Elsa, character of "Frozen" movie) // same shirt & bag again // pink shorts // pinky Birkenstock

 #Selling Pre-loved
Oh ya!  Before I end the post, I'm currently selling my brand new wave pastel top. I'm writing as "pre-loved"  but actually I never wear it before except for taking picture(photo above). Reason of selling it away : Too much of clothes & I already have similar piece. So just PM me on facebook - @Shini Lola if you're interested kay? First come first served basis, so remember to be FAST!!  ;)

 That's all for today. Love ya


  1. sell one nia ah? aiya, come sell more mah haha (:
    anyway i like your chor 8 outfit the best!

    1. LOL~ I wish to sell more but I don't have time to taking extra pictures. =(

  2. I loved all the outfits!!! All tooooo cute!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. You like a Barbie Doll :D Pretty


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