13 February 2014

[REVIEW] Ultraflesh ShineBox from StrawberryNET ❤

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Hola❤  Tremendous sorry for all my beloved readers! I know right~ It's been like a week that I didn't update my blog. As I'm a full time employee now, that's why when I back home I just straight away went to eat and sleep. Therefore, I don't have any sufficient time to blog. Sobz sobz~ No choice, that's life. T____T

Sometime I just envy some girls which are not student and employee as well. They have plenty of time to do their things and no need to work for earning money. =X  Nia~ I'm just kidding. Since I'm graduated from my University of course I need to work. =)

Okie dokie. Cut the crap. This time I blog about #cosmetic I knew I blog more about beauty care recently and afraid you guys might get bored of it. LOL.

So have you guys heard about @StrawberryNET ??  If you haven't, then you should check them out now!! It's a beauty site which selling plenty of brands such as Chanel, Anna Sui, Christian Dior etc. In addition, their majority selling skin care, hair care and cosmetic products etc. Of course, their prices are actually cheaper than other retail price.


Check out the photo above! I know right~ It's SUPER LIGHT make-up there by using their products. That's why I LOVE IT❤  because now light or naked make-up is the current trend and trust me, guys like it. *wink*  Continue to read to know how I create this make-up look.  =)

#2  Actually I received it during my @Taiwan Trip but because that time I was travelling and busy so till now only I blog. *GUILTY*

#3  Wow~ I got a present!! XD

#4  So yeah~ This is what I received from them. ^-^

#5  YES!! It's a lovely highlighter palette named Ultraflesh ShineBox❤ !!


#7  As you can see, Ultraflesh ShineBox consist of 5 different pieces of highlighter compact. This is my very first time to tried the multiple layers cosmetic. LOL  *please don't laugh at me*

#8  Oh yeah~ so stylish right?? ^^

Now let's tried and tested, and see how's the outcome shall we??  =)

#9  So the first layer would be the All Over Enhancer with gold shimmers. 

#10  You might think it looks so obvious when you use finger to touch it, but actually it's not really obvious when you apply it on your face. =)

#11  As some of the readers knew, sometime my skin are consider quite pale due to sleep late. So if you don't want to look pale but dislike heavy make-up at the same time. This might be your choice. =)

#12  Sorry that it's not obvious due to the lighting but actually it's quite blink when you can see it through the mirror by your own. =D

#13  The second layer would be theemollient cream-powder highlighters - Sheer Gold and Rose Gold. They can be used as an eye shadow / eye shadow primer or even just put at eyes areas to make your eyes bright and pop up.

#14  Sheer Gold vs Rose Gold. I personally prefer sheer gold because I think it's more suitable for day use. For Rose Gold, maybe is more suitable at the night. =)

#15  Last but not least would be the 2 cute twist-out pencil eyeliners in Secret and Nude shimmer. You can draw it as an eyeliner to make your eyes looks bigger and innocent.

#16  So basically I use Nude Shimmer as my upper eye liner.

#17  And use Secret Shimmer as my bottom eye liner.

So how you guys think? It's very nude and simply make-up right? If you're a fans of nude make-up, then you might like this kind of makes. Overall I feel satisfied because I'm not consider a heavy make-up lover so it's suitable for me. Of course, my favourite part is actually the multiple layers design. LOL~

#18  Some selfie.




  1. why you so chu bii wan (cute in hokkien again ) ahah, is the ultraflesh box suppose to have that 'foundation splattered all over the box' look? cuz i notice that ahaha

    1. Awwww~ You make my day sweetie!! Yup, when you open the box you can see it's all over the place. ^^

  2. wow nice review, hehe.. you so cute too!



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