11 March 2014

[REVIEW] Yadah Sweet Milky Tint Review ❤

Bonjour It's time to pamper your lips!  It's been quite a period I didn't blog about lip's caring. I used to blogged about lip's mask and some lip balm post. But now here I go again~ *wink*

Special thanks to @Yadah for sending me those kawaii #Sweet Milky Tint   Although it's not my first time to try the tint series, but it was actually my very first time to tried the Yadah's products!

But before I proceed, what is #YADAH ?

Yadah is actually a Korean brand. It's comes from a girl who named "Yadah" which is Brilliant, witty and usually optimistic, Yadah is not the typical senior high school student. Big head with bright red hair and in a white dress. Born 3 May 2008, as strong and loyal as her zodiac sign foretells and is more often than not seen with her adopted pet alien.

Yom Yom - An alien from an unknown source who forced landed on earth. Extremely high IQ, able to adapt to earth life, loves to eat and lodging with Yadah. Cannot cope with Yadah and her antics sometimes. Occasionally misses his parents.


Ta-da!! It's actually the brief pictures of what I'm going to do in the blog post. Please continue to read for more information.  =)


So basically they sent me 2 different colours of the #Sweet Milky Tint series. I was actually fall in love with their design because it looks so sweet and lovely  ^^


This was my original lips. As the picture shown, you can notice my lips are dry enough and looks kind pale. =X


So the first Sweet Milky Tint that I tried was CODE : 02 - Sweet Pinky 


No matter outer or inner, the packaging also nice 



Close up of my "After" picture. As you can see in the picture, my lips turns more moisture and with pinky shade. I think after I applied it on my lips, it can create lovely look. It's definitely suitable for anytime, anywhere. ;)


On the other hand, the next would be CODE : 01 - Sweet Cherry 


Guess what !?  I love it damn muchie    Wonder why? Continue to read to find out.  =D



Another "After" photo.  You can see the colour tone are slightly darker but it looks nice  I like sweet cherry more because it made my skin looks fairer and the sweetness turns overload  




It was long lasting too because I applied it in the morning and during afternoon they are still there !!


Grab it now at @YADAH !!



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