15 March 2014

Introduction of Dreamy Lola x Dreamies Giveaway ❤

Hola Dreamies❤  If you're in my Facebook- @Shini Lola's friend-list or a follower of my Instagram - @shinilola, then you should know I just open my very own online shop on Facebook and Instagram as well.  *wink*  I know right~ I have another online shop previously but I decided to open a new one because I don't like the name and I have some idea of the new packaging. ^^

Dreamy Lola is the name The reason I named it as dreamy lola because I always like day dreaming therefore one of my photographer called me that. =.='''  Few days ago while I'm still thinking what name should I put as my new online shop, suddenly my boyfie told me to put this name. So there is the background of my shop's name. Oh ya! The photo above is my shop's logo, hope you guys will love it. My online shop actually in floral theme so basically everything comes with floral. ^^  Please read it to the end because you can smell the giveaway here 

The first products would be my HOT SELL #Varsity Jacket❤  This is one of the Top Sale items in my previous online shop! Every customers love it and because I'm selling majority female products, so the male customer just aim for this, LOL~

Temporary I just update with 13 design of it. But no worries, I will always try to find more different design and update it on my page kay?  =) 

Next would be another top sale items called #Candy Colour Pants❤  Trust me, you will definitely fall in love with this because me myself is loving this too! I'm selling with 23 colours!!  Yes! I know right~ Your heart and mind will surely feel wanna buy this all.

Oh ya! Did I just mentioned about the Candy Colour Pants?  Guess what guys!? I'm selling with the shorts too! But for the shorts, I'm just selling with 9 candy colour. =D  Actually both of them are comes with slim fit so even your tight or legs are puffy like mine, no worries, you still can fit in this.  *wink*

If you still can't find any products that you're interested, it's ok. I will update more categories of the products. ^^  Maybe some related to beauty care too.  =)

Remember the giveaway that I mentioned earlier?? Yup! Now is the time! I purposely named it as "Dreamies Giveaway" because I think it's a cute name. So everytime you guys spot this banner, means I'm hosting another dreamies giveaway again. LOL~

I will be giving away 1 Candy Colour Pants of your choice! Basically it means you can choosen any colour and any size that you desire. Just fill up the Rafflecopter below and you might walk away with the prize❤  [ Please refer to this album for the measurement : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.713977365309349.1073741831.712219892151763&type=3 ]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms &; Conditions :
  • This giveaway is for MALAYSIAN ONLY.
  • Each account must be make 'PUBLIC', private account is invalid.
  • Must complete all the tasks on Rafflecopter or else you will disqualified.
  • Giveaway will be end on 15 April 2014 and winner will be announced at 16 April 2014.
  • Gifts will be pass to another person if the winner unable to reply email within 2 days.

Don't forget to Like our facebook page & follow our Instagram to receive latest update.


Are you guys ready? The lucky winner is .... *drumroll*

Congratulations to "Candy.S"!! You win yourself a Blue pants with size 27!
An email have been sent to you and hope you'll love it.

For other participants, thanks for joining and don't get disappointed.
Because I'm hosting another giveaway VERY SOON.
So remember to STAY TUNED at my blog.  ;)


  1. I wanna win Colour : RED, Size : 32

  2. Sweet write up. Loving the design.

  3. Great write up. Loving the design potray here.

  4. I wish to win Blue colour and size 28 ^^ Thanks !

  5. i wish to have the Dark Green od size 28 but IM wore size 26 for levis not sure the size it is same ask levis cutting LOL! just incase

  6. Bright Pink ; Size 29 !! Thank you ^^

  7. Im wishing to win the lovely Bright Blue �� pants with size of 28 from Dreamy Lola! ��<3

  8. I want try a grep pants and size 27 =D
    Thanks for the giveaway ya~~

  9. hi sweetie, i entered all! wee i want dark green size 27 ~~

  10. I wish to win Maroon Red size 25, please! Can hardly find pants to fit me, so I'm really hoping this fits! Also, congrats on your blogshop launch :) Thank you Shini! <3

  11. Sky Blue, Size 28, Thanks!
    I can see that you put in lots of efforts on Dreamy Lola, Support you sweetie!!

    1. You should be the model for Dreamy Lola, sure can attract lots of customers hehe~~

  12. 1st of all, congratz on ur blogshop! it's a good start! :D
    I wish to win Khaki ,size 27.
    All the best to Dreamy Lola <3 <3

  13. I wish to win Colour : Dark Green, Size : 27~ :)


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