5 January 2014

[ADV] Personalised Necklace from Ellone Story | www.ellonestory.com ❤

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Konnichiwa❤  I'm SUPER DUPER HAPPY now because finally I get what I want❤  I guess you guys already knew what is it according to my photo above and blog title as well. =)  I also posted to my Instagram about it, in case you haven't follow my Instagram, here is my ID : @shinilola.

Special thanks to the owner @Ellone from www.ellonestory.com to sponsored me such beautiful personalised necklace❤  I always wanna have my own personalised necklace since last year, but I always busy and I don't know who should I trust for making a beautiful one. Trust me, Ellone Story is the one which you can trust 100%.

Ellone Storyis an online shop which provide variety of accessories, such as necklace, bracelets, rings, anklets, bangle, earrings etc. In addition, they also provide services of personalised necklace, bracelets, rings and anklets as well. They also allow customers to order online through their website.

Let's check out what I've received from them shall we❤ ??

#1  At first when I unwrap the parcel, I thought they sent me a mouse from Dell. LOL~ I'm just kidding.

#2 Ta-da!! This is it!! ^-^

#3  so Lovely right



#6  I'm loving it!! Thanks to @Ellone Story



#9  I also purposely changed my clothes to showed you guys how it's easily to be match.  =D

#10  Nice right??

#11  Did you spot the 'heart shape' right there? It's their latest design. You can actually add any icon there.

#12  Saw the little cute ribbon at the end of the chain? I request the owner to help me add that. You can just request owner to add any icon you like. =)

Since I mentioned earlier that they have their own website right? So why don't we take a look =)

#13  This is their website, it's simple and organized.  =D

#14  If you can't read Chinese, you can just select English on the header bar.

#15  You can just register an account to order the products.

#16  Or you can just email all the details to them.  =)

#17  You can choose any design you want. Here is some samples.  =)

Let me showed you guys how to order the personalised necklace from their site.

#18  Step 1 - Choose your favourite fonts, they has total 26 types of fonts. [mine is Font 1]

#19  Step 2 - You can choose your favourite icons or underlines. [optional] Since I want simple style, so I didn't add this. =)

#20  Step 3 & 4 : Choose your frames and icons for the end of the chain. [optional] I choose heart shape and ribbon.

#21  Step 5 : Choose your favourite chain type.

#22  Step 6 : Choose your plating colour, mine is white gold because it's easily to be match with outfits.

#23  You can choose add-on diamond as well. [optional]

Guess what guys!?  They're having promotion now!!

#24  Free an add on diamond!!  Promotion until 8th of Jan ONLY!! So hurry up placed your order.  ;)

❥  Official Website : www.ellonestory.com
❥  Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ElloneStory
❥  Email :  ellone1110@hotmail.com(9am-11pm)/sales@ellonestory.com


  1. hahaha, from the first pic, i thought they sent the wrong parcel :P

    1. Yup, me too XD I thought DELL gave me surprise =P

  2. you are so lucky lo babe!! this really looks nice! i showed it to my bf hahahaha want him to buy me one XDD


    1. Yup, I felt so too babe <3 Faster request him to buy one for you, you can design yourself. ^^


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