10 January 2014

[SHINIOOTD] Mix & Match with Sassy' Belle Wardrobe ❤

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Hola❤  As I promised I will blog about my outfits on Instagram (Follow me in case you missed some latest updates - @shinilola)  Yup~ Today post would be my very first #SHINIOOTD post❤  Some readers like to check out my #OOTD on Instagram so I would like to create a new label called "#SHINIOOTD", so that you guys can keep track with my outfits post even on my blog. ^^V 

Sassy Belle Wardrobe is an online shop which provide ready stocks and pre-order clothes. They think a girl should be have 2 things : Classy and Fabulous.  I personally like their services because the owner was really friendly and their clothes are fabulous yet good quality. =)

Today, I will mix and match their sponsored outfits into 4 styles. Check out the pictures as follows :

The first sponsored item would be the #White Rose Flurry Top❤  This is my mad love piece because it's comfortable to wear and it make my skin looks very fair when I'm wearing. Have a doubt? I can show you some sample photos below~

#1  Oh yeah~  My skin looks very good right? LOL~


See?? Because it's white colour so it's easily to be match. You can match with any colours of pants or skirt! They are comes with pink colour as well so remember grab it fast!! ^.~

The second item would be the #Soft Violet Off Shoulder Dress❤  Of course, the belt is not included. =D The piece of dress is simple and nice. My most favourite part would be the off shoulder as well as the roses besides. The roses can make you looks more elegant. This dress definitely suitable for dating or dinner as well.

#3  YAY !!

For the violet dress, I actually DIY it into a top!! I'm so clever right? HAHAHA~ This off shoulder top looks sexier after modified! Surprisingly I love it more than in a dress form 


❥ Hope you guys enjoy my #OOTD post 


  1. Very nice! May I know what photo editor you used to edit your pictures? :D

  2. You look pretty! I like Style No 4 hahaha :D

    Celyx Lim


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