31 December 2013

[ADV] Queena Lingerie & Accessories ❤

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Hola❤  How you guys doing? Sorry for not frequently update my blog because those BIG DAY is continuous in a row : X'mas > Anniversary > New Year  This 2 weeks I was busy with those special day. Not to mentioned, Chinese New Year is coming soon but luckily boyfie and fellow sponsors help me to prepare all the new clothes, accessories, skin care products etc. (>‿◠)Arigato

Today post is quite unique because this is my very first time to visit my sponsor's existing shop!! Normally I only deal with sponsors through email or facebook, I never meet them face-to-face. I just knew their name and gender, that's it. But this time, I have the opportunity to visit the physical shop, what a wonderful and exciting experience. (✿◠‿◠)

So the shop that I visited was - @Queen Lingerie & Accessories❤  Special thanks to the owner @KuanJu for giving me the opportunity to expose your shop. I was shock when the owner told me she read my blog and wanna invite me to do advertorial by visiting their existing shop. You know lah~ My first time mah~ Sure really nervous okay? (─‿‿─)  

Company background : Most of products in their shop are imported. Most of them are imported from Taiwan and surprisingly owner herself are a Taiwanese. Her skin are so fair and smooth, just like what I 've seen on those Taiwanese when I was in Taiwan. Their products are majoring in #Stocking and #Lingerie categories. But of course, they also selling other variety of products. BesideThey also carry branded products from Taiwan such as Deparee, Queentex and Selebritee.   

Let the photos tell you my experience kay? 

#1  Ta-da!!  This is their main door. I'm visiting one of their branches which is located at @Ipoh Parade. I will list out the other branches at bottom of the post. =)


#3   Bamboo Charcoal Underwear section.

#4  They also selling variety of #Bamboo Charcoal products. I will explain further later during my review.

#5   #Bamboo Charcoal Panties.

#6  Lingerie section.


#8  Accesories & Bag section.

#9  Oh ya~ They're selling shirts too. ^^

#10  Colourful stocking section.

#11  Bamboo stocking section.



#14  This brand is quite famous in Taiwan!!


#16  What I like about their stocking is they have sample to let us have a look and touch it. Usually we don't have sample outside to let us to have a look that's why we don't know how to real stock exactly looks as in the packaging.


#18  They also selling variety of cosmetic products. ^^

#19  In case some sweetie don't know, this is my favourite glue for sticking fake lashes. They're lots of fake products and brand, so you guys should becareful when you're purchase. You may purchase this at @Queena too. ^^






#25  They also selling some cosplay costumes. 

#26  Their counter ;)


#28  These candy socks are their signature ^^

#29  I guess you guys knew what is it right?

#30  YES!! Even the celebrity blogger - XiaXue blogged about it before. You can wearing this to slim down your whole legs! ^^  I search at watson and sasa, most of them are like half length, now I can just find it at here.

#31  Do you know they also selling kid's stocking too? All of them are so cute



#34  Check out this unique stocking!! Is this for real? After wearing this the mosquito will fly away? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

#35  Others unique toys.


#37  Look at those cosmetic box!! So colourful

#38  For belly dancer, you can check out some performance costumes at there too.

#39  These are the sets of  Bamboo Charcoal shaper shirt. The shapewear helps to sculpt and shape the body to achieve a contoured body shape. They're selling in a set and separately as well. It's depends how you want. But for the price, if you purchase 1 set will be cheaper. =)

For the bamboo charcoal shapewear, it's made by a highly regarded company in Taiwan called @PAIHO. The Bamboo Charcoal material is patented. For the shapewear, there are 2 different type of tightness, one is 180 D, and one is 420D (the striped pattern) which can provide to different types of customer.  Some may wish to have comfortable shaping effect and some who might wish to have greatest shaping effect with highest tucking effect.  

*Special Note: these shapewear are designed to be tight, it is best to wear by inserting the legs into the garments first then gradually pulling up the garment to fit*

#40  When I asked the owner about the size issues, she told me free size. I was wondering whether some customers might can't fit in then she showed me this. Yup, elastic enough. =)

#41  kawaii underwear~ ^^

What I've received from them :

✿ MENAS Legging
✿ White Bamboo Charcoal Hip Lifting Legging
✿ Pinky Lace Socks
✿ Beige Ribbon Hands Gloves
✿ PAIHO Bamboo Charcoal Tech Panties
✿ ICE COOL Panties
✿ Cute stockings with words
✿ Bamboo Ankle Socks

#42  First would be the #MENAS Legging.

#43  You can see they have lots of design and mine was code : KF1-165.  =)


MENAS Legging :

What I like about this legging is it's really comfort and easily to wear. Unlike other socking which is so thick and tight which make our legs feel hot and uncomfortable. Moreover, it has many design to let you choose. So basically you can choose any design that you desire.


Pinky Lace Socks :

This would be one of my favourite sponsored item Because it's really feminine(my type), pinky, lace and I like ribbon. If you notice, that's a plastic thing to make the socking looks more organize and won't easily to change the shape. That's my favourite part. *wink*


Cute stockings with words :

Can you imagine how cute is that? You can also buy it and give to your friends as a gift because the there's some greeting on the socks. There have lots of choices of different greetings, make sure you sent the right one. =D


Beige Ribbon Hands Gloves :

In case some sweeties don't know what purpose for this hand gloves, let me explain to you. Normally if you've seen some women or ladies wearing this during driving, it's because they're afraid of sunlight. And guess what guys? This is made of ICE COOL Material, that's why when you're wearing this, it can help you to reduce the UV and also won't feel sunburn.


Bamboo Ankle Socks :

This Bamboo ankle socks is specially produced for those people whose feets are easily sweating. It's definitely suitable for traveller who always travel for ling distance. Some guy's foots are easily to sweating and since this is unisex, so guys can have a try too.


White Bamboo Charcoal Hip Lifting Legging :

Since I was always complaint about my butt is huge. So the owner introduced me this hip lifting legging. At first it was quite hard to wear because it's so thick and tight. But after until half away is ok. =)  I ever asked the owner why the socks are so tight, she said this is to maximize the effect and outcome. So no worries, I can fit in even my butt is huge. ^^


 PAIHO Bamboo Charcoal Tech Panties :

Bamboo Charcoal generally emits far infrared rays for improvement of blood circulation, making it an ultimate shape wear.  It is also a natural deodorizer and its roles are not affected by repeated washings. Similar properties apply to their bamboo charcoal leggings, socks etc.

ICE COOL Panties :

ICE COOL panties are generally designed for those person who really afraid of hot weather(like me). Not exactly it will give you cool air, but it make you feel more comfortable and reduce the thermal. 

Overall I think their products are quite unique and because most of them are imported, they should be very expensive right? But no, queen selling it with affordable prices and provide good services. Trust me, the owner and the staff there are really friendly. Moreover, you can see they're doing promotion now. So hurry up go there and grab the things you want. ≧◠◡◠≦

Queen have total of 5 branches in @Ipoh, Perak.

  • Wholesale Branch Address: 11 Laluan Pinji Seni, Taman Pinji Seni, 31650 Ipoh. 
  • FAX: 05 2436379   
  • Email: colorful.zone@yahoo.com 

Ipoh  Parade
F34 (First Floor), Ipoh Parade, 105 Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.   
Tel: 05 2410 925 

Mydin Gopeng
S100 (Ground Floor), Mydin Gopeng Wholesale Hypermarket,  Perak, Kawasan Perindustrian Gopeng 2, KM16, Jalan Gopeng, 31600 Gopeng. 
Tel:  05 3572 503    

Mydin Meru
 F12A (First Floor).  Jalan Meru Bestari B2, Bandar Meru Raya, 30020 Jelapang, Ipoh.   

Econsave Ipoh 
Great World Centre (Ground Floor), Jalan Kampar, Ipoh.   
Tel:  05 2411 792


  1. wow you have such long legs T..T cannot believe you're 164cm right? you look like you're 170 cm above! hahaha the minion underwear -__- so cute XD happy new year!


    1. haha~ awww...you made my day sweetie <3 Normally my friends always said I'm short =.= Yup, I'm only 165cm. HAHAHA~ I wanna buy the minion underwear too but I don't know when should I wear. XD Happy New Year too sweetie ^^

    2. wear it during chinese new year! hahaha

    3. lol~ scare will too hot XD

  2. Nice post^^. BTW your legs are sooo long, so cool!



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