26 December 2013

[ADV] La Belle + New Year GIVEAWAY ❤

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Konnichiwa❤  As I already mentioned on the previous post, I will host another giveaway VERY SOON!! So here you go sweeties~  If you still haven't receive any New Year present don't worry, just join this giveaway and you will get one

But first of all, let me introduce you the main products of today. =)  Special thanks to @La Belle❤ for sending me lots of beautiful and lovely items She's really a nice and super friendly person. We chit chating in the email like friends. She did a lot of effort on the sponsored items too. I'm really glad about they select me as their beauty ambassador.  =D

La BelleTM Skincare Products are mainly extracted from best of natural ingredients. These delicate blends of ingredients are so fine that allow fast and effective absorption into the deeper layers of skin. La Belle was based in @Paris, France. But now, they're in Malaysia. You can just order it through the owner and they will deliver to your doorstep. =)  Let the pictures explain everything kay?  ;)

#1  Ta-da!! This is the best box that I received from them

#2  So excited to unbox it !!

#3  See~ They cover the items well so it won't be broken easily.


#5 MAD LOVE❤  Thamks to La Belle!


#7  This is some descriptions about the products that they sent me. 

#8  Some discount vouchers the owner provide for me.

#9  My gift sets

#10  Awwwwwww~ You're so SWEET


What I received from them :

❥ 2 La Belle Éclair Ampoules aka Whitening Ampoules
❥ 2 La Belle Sooth Hydrating Ampoules
❥ 2 La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoules 
❥ 2 La Belle Vitamin C Ampoules
❥ 2 La Belle 24K Gold Leaf Essence
❥ 1 La Belle Rose Toner 
❥ 1 La Belle Powder Masks (Vitamin C)
❥ 1 La Belle Powder Masks (Aloe Vera)


La Belle Ampoule uses only finest natural botanical extracts, vitamins, enzymes and combining with advance research and technology to achieved desired skin result. Skin will show remarkable improvement after usage. At La Belle, quality and proven ingredient is utmost important essence to an excellence and effective skincare product.

La Belle have variety of ampoules. Of course, each ampoules having their own functions :
❥  Éclair 
❥  Acnex
❥  Clarifying
❥  Sooth Hydrating
❥  Collagen Repair
❥  Fair Make-Up
❥  Eye Luxe
❥  Vita C Plus
❥  Lifting Astringent
❥  Pore Minimizing

While on the other hand, La Belle Essence use high concentration of natural and originally derived botanical nutrients in this Signature Blend. Exclusively formulated to replenish skin essential result. 

Types of La Belle Essences :
❥  La Belle Gold Essence
❥  La Belle Face Lift Contour with Soy Peptide Essence
❥  La Belle Hydra Essence
❥  La Belle Lightening Essence


La Belle Vitamin C Powder Mask (Suitable for all skin type)

This Powder Mask Detoxify, Lighten up and Hydrating Effects. Citrus Fruits are Natural Based Anti-Oxidants with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It also helps to lighten the skin colour and reduce freckles, discolouration and scars. Citrus fruits contain alpha hydroxyl which is a natural ex-foliating ingredient. The juices are astringent so they are helpful in treating oily skin and acne. 


La Belle Aloe Vera Powder Mask (Suitable for all skin type)

Help to calm down uncomfortable skin conditions and provides infinite moisture to your skin. Aloe Vera gel has anti-microbial properties making it ideal to treat acne and pimples. It's known to retain your skin's firmness, making it a good anti-aging cream.


Alcohol Free formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Rose Toner

La Belle Rose Toner is formulated from pure extracted from rose. It has light texture and refreshing scent. Helps in regenerate, rebuilt the skin cells and to increase the vitality of the skin. It has a high degree of moisture and special design to mix use with Powder Mask to get Double moisture. La Belle Rose Toner also helps in tightens up pores and Deep cleaning effect. Its alcohol-free formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, also has anti-inflammatory, contraction and sedative effect. 

#16  The owner also sent me a pair of refill bottles!! For a person who always travelling like me, this is definitely perfect for me to carry everywhere. ^^

#18  Hmm.... What about this 3 gift sets? Let's continue read then you'll find out. *wink*


La Belle Vitamin C Ampoule (New Packing with the New Improved Formula)
[ Cater for all skin types ]

It contains "Ascorbic Acid" that helps to detoxifies and tighten your skin pores. This ampoule also can revive tired and dehydrated skin cells leaving skin glow with absolute radiant.

*All ampoules are sold in a box of 10 vials of the same type :

#20  I guess you all know how to open the cover right? Just like open cover of contact lens. (If you're a contact lens user)

#21  Woo~ So watery~

#22  Make my skin turns so moisture and smooth


La Belle Eye Luxe Ampoules (New Packing with New Improved Formula)

It's like BEST treatment for delicate skin around our eyes zone area. It effectively smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sagging skin caused by loss of elasticity, improve firmness, helps eliminate the feeling of puffiness and dark eye circles, and last but not least combats dryness of the skin.


#25  Wow~

#26  My eye-bag and dark circles was really serious before, but now at least it's reduce and lighten up.  =)

#27  Let's try the powder mask. ^^

#28  You need to mix with half water and half La Belle toner for double moisture.

#29  The outcome will be almost like this. (I'm so regret that I put too much water ><)


La Belle Éclair (Whitening) Ampoule
[Cater for all skin types]

Clarifies dark spots/pigmentation. Contain whitening and lightening properties to suppress melanin formation which helps lighten and brighten skin tone.


La Belle Sooth- Hydrating Ampoule
[Cater for all skin types]

Combine 2 in 1 formula with intense moisture and normalize suppleness of skin, calms irritation, inflammation and attenuates diffuse redness.


La Belle Gold Essence
[Most recommended essence]

It use 24K pure gold leaf helps to slow collagen depletion and prevent sagging skin. It also assists in protection against pollution effects and damaging UV rays. Gold leafs speeds up cellular processes and active regeneration to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and reduce fine line and wrinkle.

Ampoules are always one of my favourite products category. I started to know ampoules since I was 14. My auntie introduce and explain to me what it is then I found it quite interesting then I started to use. I tried different brand of ampoules, some of them are effective while some of them wasn't. Ampoules is like serum which can let your skin to easily absorb it. And now, La Belle's Ampoules has jump into my ampoules collection

Exclusive for my lovely readers :

❥  Quote 'Sweet Shini' to enjoy 15% discount on total purchases + a free gift  ! 
(If you purchased RM100 and above, Postage is excluded)
❥  Quote 'Sweet Shini' to enjoy 15% discount on total purchases + free gift + free postage !
(If you purchased RM150 and above)
❥  Super Sweet Ampoules is having a PWP(Purchase with Purchase) promotion right now :
Purchase RM100 and above, quote 'Sweet Shini', you may entitled to follow products at PWP price,
- La Belle Marine Face Scrub @ RM40 per bottle.
- La Belle Rose Toner @ RM30 per bottle.  

  Instagram: @sweetampoules

Oh yeah~ It's #giveaway time!! HOHOHO❤  This time I will pick 3 winners instead of 1. I will give 3 different sets regarding your skin situation. 

Set A

Set B

Set C

How to win them home ??

1. Complete all the tasks in the Rafflecopter as follows :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2.  Comment below which set you would like to win, eg. "I want win Set A."

*I will pick 1 winner on my Instagram(@shinilola) and another 2 winners at my blog.
So remember to join both to get higher chance of winning*

Terms & Conditions :
  • This giveaway is for MALAYSIAN ONLY.
  • Each account must be make 'PUBLIC', private account is invalid.
  • Must complete all the tasks on Rafflecopter or else you will disqualified.
  • Giveaway will be end on 14 January 2013 and winner will be announced at 15 January 2013.
  • Gifts will be pass to another person if the winner unable to reply email within 2 days.


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please contact :


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  7. Thank you Shini Lola for the awesome blog post!!! Sweet Ampoules thanks you from the bottom of our hearts!!

    And Good Luck to all who participate in the Giveaways!!!!

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