23 December 2013


Hi guys❤  How you guys doing? Are you guys are EXCITED and CAN'T WAIT for me to announce the #lucky winner?? In case you missed the #giveaway post and got no idea what I'm talking about, here is the blog post -> http://www.shinilola.com/2013/12/shini-pinky-box-giveaway.html 

Oopsie~  If you missed the giveaway post, it's ok because I'm gonna host another giveaway very soon❤  So be sure you don't missed it this time ya~  *wink*  This time have quite a lot of sweeties and even boys joined the giveaway. I'm so happy and glad you guys love the gift box. I knew most of the sweetie's favourite would be the #Casio Exilim TR15/TR350 Mini Pinky Pendrive❤   I know right~ It's so kawaii

Okie dokie. Cut the crap. I knew you guys are so nervous now so here you go~ The LUCKY WINNER❤ would be ....... *DRUMROLL*  

Amelea 'Mocchi' Tan

Congratulations to you sweeties!! You won yourself :

❥ Liese Bubble Hair Colour - Raspberry Brown
❥ Casio Exilim TR350/TR15 mini pink pendrive
❥ Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
❥ Contact Lens Case
4 discount vouchers of Milkadeal
4 discount vouchers of White.my

Email have been sent to your inbox. 
Please reply me with the mailing address details. Hope you like the gift box sweetie

For other participants, I' so sorry you didn't selected. I pick up the winner randomly. But don't be get disappointed easily. As I mentioned earlier, I will host another giveaway post VERY SOON!! Well~ Actually is the next post. =D So remember to keep track with my blog and join the giveaway and you might become the next lucky winner

And for some sweeties, you're not in the list because you didn't complete the tasks on the@Rafflecopter. I already mentioned on the post if you didn't complete or make the account as public your entry will be disqualified. =(

Remember to completed all the task in order to get on the list ya ;)  Love

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