20 December 2013

[ADV] Handmake Braided Bracelets from 1st Lovee ❤

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Hola❤  Sorry for the late update my dusty blog. I'm being busy with the move out to the new house thingy. We need to buy lots of new stuff such as decoration, furnitures, cleaning tools etc. Moreover, since new house still don't have the Internet access, so I need to go somewhere to blog for temporary. T______T

And for the #giveaway post as I promised, I will delay it for next post because there are many contents I need to arrange and I need to test out the products for a period before I give out for my readers

So, do you like #handmake stuff like I do? I like most of the handmake stuff because I think they are UNIQUE❤  You can customize yourself and make it become meaningful as well. For example, the handmake braided bracelets that I'm gonna introduce to you guys today. ;)

1st Lovee❤  is an online shop which provides variety of handmake braided bracelets. Beside of braided bracelets, they also selling different kind of handmake bracelets. Let's check out what I had received from them shall we?? 

#1  Ta-da!!

#2  They sent me 4 beautiful bracelets


#4  Let's check out how I mix & match with it

#5  I'm wearing it during my cousin's wedding dinner. =)



Since white colour is always easily to be match, so you can match with any kind of style. Added some gold spikes make it more special and good looking. If you wanna have different styles, you can contact to the owner so she can customize one for you. ;)

#8  These pastel violet & blue braided bracelets would be my favourite

#9  It's coincidence that I found a floral dress to match with it

#10  The gold chain also add up some specialness on the bracelets. ^^

They are having X'mas promotion too

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