TAIWAN Trip Day 4 | 台湾之旅 ❤

24 November 2013 Taipei 101, No. 7, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

Yuhoo❤  Sorry for kept you all waiting. It's time to blog about my @Taiwan Trip - Day 4❤  Although I already blogged Day 1 till Day 3, but still I knew some sweetie will skip reading blog and asked me directly through PM or email. I'm so sorry guys. You guys should read my blog instead of asking me because here is more details and most of the questions you guys asked you can just seek the answer here. Arigato

Meanwhile, I also knew some sweeties are really patient and kind enough to read my whole blog post even day 2 is full with the photo. *Much appreciated*  So because of you guys, of course I will spend my time to blog about the remaining days for you

#1  I'm wearing pinky kawaii dress from @MajorMade // Pink Leopard Bag from @Taiwan // Bling bling blue black stocking from @MajorMade // Floral sneaker from @huiicloset 

#2  But because boyfie scare I might will catch cold(because I'm having period on that day), so he request me to wear denim jacket.

#3  Sorry if my pale face are scaring you because I'm having period, that's why my face looks puffy & pale. Feel tired and no energy for whole day because of menstrual pain too.  =(

#4  Not forget to selfie with the fair skin boyfie. Actually I dislike his fair skin because my skin tone looks dull when I stand beside him. =.=


#6  Boyfie fall in love with this breakfast shop called - @麦而美汉堡❤  because they got a lot of choices and their breakfast is really nice to eat.

#7  This shop is easily to find and convenient because the bus stop just infront of their shop. We always come this shop to have our breakfast(although breakfast included at our hotel) because it just located nearby our hotel.

#8  The breakfast we ordered.

#9  Soya bean.

#10  My fish fillet burger and boyfie's bacon & egg sandwich.

#11  The breakfast is so yummy!! (I feel very hungry now when I'm blogging this post T.T)

#12  Boyfie order this salsa sauce noodle too.

#13  Okay, I knew I look very fat here. =(


After finished our breakfast, we headed to @Taipei 101 through MRT. We need to walk quite far away from the MRT Station in order to reach the destination.



#17  Finally reached !!

#18  When we step in, straight saw the baskin robbins ice-cream❤  Keep on nagging my bf to buy for me but he said nooooo!! I knew I can't eat because I'm having period. =(

#19  Wee~ At the end boyfie bought me a drink, at least is better than nothing right? XD

#20  And guess what guys! This Chatime drink only cost us 50NTD ONLY which is about RM5!!  Price is included topping as well.

#21  They're celebrating their 10th year Anniversary

#22  Boyfie always give me different expression when selca.  -.-

#23  Gonna spam some photos of branded shop.








#31  The latest collection of Louis Vuitton❤  But I'm not really like the latest version, still prefer the classic version. =X

#32  There are many country to choose but I purposely choose Tokyo, Japan because I wish to visit there again




#36  Actually we thought wanna go check out the Taipei 101 Observatory, but too bad there are a lot of people queuing, I guess about 100+ people if I'm not mistaken because they came with a few tour guides.

#37  I guess the view will be almost like this??

#38  Visited the @Chii Lih Coral before we leave.


#40  All this coral cost about more than RM10k++!!

#41  Especially this one!! Spot the name already knew this is the most expensive piece among others.

Actually this is special for those people who like to shop for branded stuff. But for advice, if you came from Malaysia like me, I suggest you don't buy those branded item here because Taiwan is more expensive. Maybe you can buy at Malaysia or other country, the price is cheaper. =)

How to go there :
捷運:搭乘捷運板南線至市政府站,出2號出口往信義路方向步行即可到達Taipei 101購物中心。

#42  After back to @Ximending, we took some snack at @Ireland Potato. At first I thought why so many spider web there then only I remember that month is Halloween month!



#45  I order the sour cream while boyfie order the hot dog.

#46  Accompany boyfie to shop for awhile before we back to hotel.

#47 Ta-da!! Meow~  Actually I'm wearing the same dress just added up a mint green sweater and changed the shoes to platform. ^^

#48  Since I have been craving for pasta, so boyfie fulfil me. ^^

#49  So we took our dinner at @Pasta Bar

#50  Mad love my tomato soup!!

#51  My grape juice.

#52  Boyfie's milk tea.

#53  Boyfie's corn soup.

#54  Yummy yummy~


#56  Since we order set meals, so this is our appetizer~

#57  Boyfie's Seafood Spaghetti

#58  My Mushroom Carbonara Spaghetti.

#59  They still another floor for serving. Their services is really friendly. I pity those waitress keep going up and going down for serving the foods because their kitchen is on first floor and the customers are sitting at second and third floor.

#60  Ice-cream as our dessert.


After that, we went to @U2电影馆 for movies. Since the first day we reached Taiwan, our driver already informed us that's a special mini cinema which located nearby our hotel. This is special because it's like normal shoplot, but when you go up there, there are lots of different variety of movies let you choose to watch. I saw plenty of horror movies which I never watch before and thought wanna have a look but boyfie not allow. =( Fyi, I didn't capture any photo in the shop because no camera is allow. What so special about this shop is they separate with different room. So you will get some privacy instead like cinema so public.

#62  This is the room we get.

#63  Sorry for super blur blur photo, boyfie told me not to capture any photo here because he's afraid some ghosts will appear on my photo. -.-

#64  Oh ya! The entry fees is included drink as well, you can order foods too if you want. ^^

#65  Take away of KFC as your supper.  =P


#67  Their chicken is wayyyyyyyyyyy better than Malaysia version

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    1. Really? Thank you very much <3 Yup, but not really suit my taste because the gyoza is cover with sweet sauce. =)

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