[ADV] IHF x Mustard x My White House ❤

19 November 2013

Sponsored Post

Bonjour❤  Today post is quite special because I combined 3 sponsored post into 1. LOL~  Hopefully sponsors won't mind about it. The reason this post included 3 sponsors is because recently I received a lot of sponsor and I don't wanna my lovely readers always spot my advertorial and thought my blog is like a business blog. Therefore, I always blogged about my lifestyle before I blog about advertorial. Today post gonna separate 3 parts with different sponsored items

The first one would be #IHF aka In House Fashion❤  This would be the 3rd time that they sponsored me for the beautiful outfits. I always like their friendly services and their clothes always came with good quality. They even opened their store now at @Singapore. Visit their physical store now

#1  I'm wearing their #Lis Shoelace Skorts. You might think it's very short length for me because I'm 165cm, but if you're below 165cm, no worries, this skort will definitely suit you well. 

#2  I edit the photo into rainbow colour because my face is very pale. So sorry that my face make you shock because I'm sick.  ='(

#3  If you think it's too short and your cutie underwear might be seen, you can cut off your worries. Because since it's a skort, so you no need to worry anymore.

#4  What I like about this outfit is there is a hook for you. What usage for that? Let's check out the picture below then you'll know.

#5  Now you know right? The hook is to prevent those guys keep staring at your boobs. 

#6  The second outfits would be #Floral Peplum Top in Blue Yellow. I know right, floral again? HAHA~ I'm a fans of floral so please forgive me to choose another floral outfits again.

#7  This colour combination is quite unique because it's comes with blue and yellow. I don't have this kind of colour and don't know why the first things comes in my mind when I was thinking about this colour is MINION!! 


Second sponsor would be #Mustard Online Boutique❤  Specially apologize to the owner because I actually postpone this post for more than 1 month. =(  But they never rush me and still willing to wait me even the period is not like they expected.

#8  So this is how it look when I received them


#10  I'm also a fans of ribbon so this kawaii pinky ribbon earrings is another my favourite items again

#11  Do I looks good with that?

#12  Oh ya! Totally forgot to mentioned that pinky top that I'm wearing is from their shop too!

#13  It's so comfortable to wear (I know I shouldn't wear this kind of bra. LOL)

#14  They're still selling variety of products, if you guys are interested you might contact them.


Last but not least would be #My White House❤  This sponsor is different with my other sponsors because those products they selling are in different categories. I guess you guys noticed their online shop name is related with the house furniture right? Yes~ They not just selling the house decoration thingy, they also selling other variety of products as well.

#15  Ta-da!! I named it as my '#Banana Pouch' because it comes with yellow colour!! It's actually with silicon material so even when you put something fragile inside and fall from the high place, it won't easily to be broken.

#16  For example, you can put your sunglasses inside.

#17  Or either put your mobile phone.

#18  Or even accessories. (This is my leaf earring in case you thought I got nothing to do and put 2 leaves here. XD)

#19  They also selling variety of fragrance too.

  • Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/mwh.gift
  • Contact Number : 05-805 1598
  • Store : 33, Jalan Ciku, Taiping Business Centre, Kampung Jambu, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Hope you guys love those items like I do. Flying KISSES