TAIWAN Trip Day 3 | 台湾之旅 ❤

17 November 2013 Taipei City, Taiwan

Hola readers❤  Oh yeah~ Today blogged about my @Taiwan Trip Day 3 Hope you this blog post as well. In case you missed the previous post, you can always check it out at bottom part of each post as I already put the link there. So basically today post is just a shorty post about what I have done on the 3rd day in Taipei.  


Top to bottom from @Taiwan // Tattoo legging from @huiicloset

We woke up at 9am and we decided to take our breakfast outside instead of hotel's breakfast. So the first stop we went is @永和豆浆❤  In case you guys don't know, I'm a huge fans of soy bean. Maybe because of I don't drink fresh milk, that's why I drink soy bean to represent the milk. I saw quite a lot of bloggers blogged about 永和豆浆 and they said it's worth to give it a try.



#3  As you can see on the menu, there are lots of foods you can order.

#4  豆浆油条 - In Taiwan, they are saying these 2 foods should be eat together in order to get better taste. For me, I think the soy bean is less sweet compare to Malaysia which I think it's good because I don't like the sweet version. For the 油条, Malaysian version is thicker.

#5  This is the 蛋饼 aka Omelette Cake.

#6  They like to add some kind of sweet sauce on it.

#7  小笼包

After finished our breakfast, we purposely waiting outside of the @Major Made shop to open. Since I'm the one who planned the schedule, I keep telling boyfie I must visit this shop because I saw their clothings on facebook is very attractive and kawaii Maybe boyfie feel I'm quite annoying so he keep reply you're the boss, I will accompany go there. YIPPEE~

#8  She is my favourite staff - @Misa❤  Finally I can meet her in real person!! (I always stalk her on social media, LOL)

#9  She is super cute and very friendly

I bought a few items there which cost me about RM178. I think it's worth because you can't find any clothing which exactly same as the one you bought there. After that, we went back to our hotel for check out and move to another hotel.

#10  So this is our hotel for Day 3 and 4. This would be our favourite among all the hotel for 9D8N. Why we like it? Let's find out shall we?

#11  Are you ready to check it out?

#12  Ta-da!!  This is it!  I personally like the piano wall as background, and the red sofa is my favourite too. (Please ignore my boyfie purposely standing there to spoil the picture =.=)


#14  Oh yeah, this bathtub is nice, can you spot the heart shape there?


#16  Selfie time

#17  Baby boy


The reason why I changed the outfits because boyfie doesn't really like the skirt that I'm wearing, he said it is too short so I need to change another outfits before we went out.

White sweater from @Arime // Mint Green Pants from @Vintage de Beauty // Others from @Taiwan

#18  Mad love my 2 tone hair colour, special thanks to my hairstylist.



#22  *shy shy*

We went to @五分铺 for shopping session again. Frankly, we just bought a few clothings at there. Just like some bloggers mentioned, there have clothes cost 100NTD but all are T-shirt. If you wanna buy pretty clothes, the cost not really cheap compare to other night market unless you are the retailer. 


#24  Boyfie bought macaroon for snack, but this macaron is different with the normal version. It's actually 鸡蛋仔 in Cantonese (I don't know what it's called in English, sorry ^_^''' )

#25  Oh yeah, after reach hotel quickly jump into the bubble bathtub, feel very fresh and relax after this.

#26  We feel don't wanna go out eat on that night, so we bought some foods and eat in the hotel room.

#27  Taiwan beer is quite nice but I'm still prefer Asahi in Japan.

#28  Matching my 炸酱面 with my favourite C.C Lemon and sushi hand-roll.

#29  Hauls of that day.

#30  Applying mask before go to sleep.

That's all for my Day 3. In case you guys haven't read the previous posts. You can check out as below :

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