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11 November 2013

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Hola❤  Special thanks and apologize to @Cefenére because I was suppose to blog about this on few months ago but because of my busy life so I need to postpone untill today. Thanks for the sponsor is really patience enough to wait me blog about it.

Fyi, I already blogged about another product review - #Fair Passion before, this is the link : http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2013/08/adv-cefenere-total-skin-makeover-in_21.html  After started to use their product, my skin effectively turn fairer and uneven skin tone was solved. This time, they sponsored me another product kit which called #Formative Solution

Cleansing is the basic step in maintaining a healthy and vibrant skin. The New Essential Collection from Cefenere is now offering a facial cleansing starter kit namely Formative Solution. Formative Solution is a fundamental element in the quest for a flawless complexion. It brings us back to the basic of purity, to clean & tone our skin immaculately.
#1  Ta-da!!  So basically this is what I received from them.

#2  Their slogan - Total skin makeover in just 7 days. No kidding, it's really works for me

#3  This time they sent me #Fair Passion kit and #Formative Solution kit.

#4  Formative Solution - This is the #cleanser and the #toner

  • Cleanser - Personally I like the cleanser because you guys knew I don't really like the heavy foam, it's light and clean. The extra point would be you can use it to remove the light make-up. Of course don't use it to remove your waterproof make-up.

  • Toner - The toner is nice because the toner is not too heavy. After you apply it on your face(after wash your face) you can feel the essence is easily to be absorb into your skin.


#6  This would be the fair passion kit that I had blogged earlier. 

So overall I think it's works effective for my skin, and the price is reasonable. They're having promotion now so grab it fast while stock last.(Their product is really HOT! So if you're slow then it might out-of-stock)

For more information, please visit :

Official Website : http://www.cefenere.com/


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