8 November 2013 Taipei City, Taiwan

TAIWAN Trip Day 2 | 台湾之旅 : Hello Kitty Sweets

Hello sweeties❤  I know you guys waiting this post for so long. 谢谢你的耐性, thanks for your patience❤  If you guys followed my Instagram and Facebook, then you should what post it's about(maybe you noticed my post title?) or should I say the main character of this post? Yuppiee~  It's about @Hello Kitty Sweets❤  Of course not just about it, I got included some other places at Taipei too. If you're a HUGE FANS of Hello Kitty like me then you shouldn't missed out this post because I'm gonna spam all the Hello Kitty pictures here!! ^_^V

Since our hotel has included breakfast, so early in the morning we woke up and having our breakfast at the breakfast hall. One thing I like about travelling without tour guide is we don't have any morning call, so we no need to purposely wake up at 6 or 7am. After we woke up, we still can dress nicely and no need rushing to breakfast hall since no one gonna wait for us. 

#1  Is a buffet style breakfast, but I'm not really taking a lot of foods on my plate because this amount for me is very full. =)

#2  Staying at Taiwan only for second day but my skin is smooth and fair like hell compare to previous.

#3  Since most of the shop opened at 11am or 12pm, so we decide to selca a bit before go out.

#4  I have no idea why boyfie always like to give this kind of expression. =.=

#5  You see. Again~  -.-

#6  Then I told him to smile properly then he giving me this face. 

#7  SHINIOOTD : Bag from @Louis Vuitton // Floral dress and floral platform sneaker from @huiicloset.

#8  Why I looks so tiny here. -.-

So are you guys ready for those SUPER DUPER KAWAII Hello Kitty pictures ??  Let's get it started !!

#9  Yuhoo~  Finally we reach @Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

#10  You can see in the mirror which reflect boyfie's face expression. LOL. I think what he's thinking was "why you girls like Hello Kitty that much?"

#11  The counter.

#12  Wow~ Can you see all the desserts are really kawaii


#14  How I wish my birthday cake is one of them





#19  Freaking love boyfie' eyebrows here. (If you spot his face)

#20  We wanna sit at there but unfortunately the staff told us it have to be reserved unless we have at least 4 person.





#25  Since we order set meals. So this is the #corn soup. (I notice Taiwanese like to choose corn soup as their soup of the day, maybe they like the taste or easily to cook?)


#27  This is the #salad. Seriously, this is the first time I tried the salad with this kind of amount of vegetables. =.=

#28  My #Ice Lemon Tea.

#29  Boyfie's peach blah blah beverage.(I forgot what is it)


#31  This #corn bread not bad.


#33  This is the appetizer - #baked rice.



#36  Finally the main course - #spaghetti carbonara with bacon.



#39  The #mango pudding. Not really like it because the milk taste is quite heavy, I'm not really a milk person.

#40  When the staff brought us this, we both are to worry because it's huge and full with chocolate cream, we afraid we can't finish it. >,<

#41  We can't taste any other flavour except for 'sweet' !!

#42  Our #tiramisu

#43  Envy to the MAX!!  Even the toilet also such pretty and pinky




#47  Boyfie said looks like I'm wearing the big bow.

#48  I'm the hellokittyqueenwannabe



#51  Bill is come!!





#56  Sayonara Hello Kitty Sweets  I will visit you again on next year maybe. 


  • Address : 台北市大安路一段90號, Taipei, Taiwan 106
  • Official Website : http://www.hellokittysweets.com/
  • Contact Number : +886 2 2711 1132
  • Transport : 捷運板南線「忠孝復興」站3號出口、再步行約兩分鐘即可到達

Sorry if my long post Hello Kitty photos make you bored ya. So there's the end of it. Now is another destination post.

#57  Shopping at @东区地下街 before we head to @淡水老街.

#58  Finally reach there - @淡水老街.  (The wind is so heavy there because nearby the sea)

#59  Out first stop is for #cheese potato!!  Strongly recommend this❤  Maybe I'm a fans of cheese and potato so this combination for me is just perfect. 

#60  This is the boss! Super friendly and cute. When I said boss say cheese, he gave me this shy face. LOL

#61  But for this #fried duran not really nice for me, because Taiwan's duran is different with us, the duran is no really sweet.

#62  nice view.


#64  My favourite photo of the day





#69  街头艺人show

Address : 新北市淡水區中正路、重建街、清水
Transport : 搭乘捷運淡水線至淡水捷運站,往西行至中正路,即可到達淡水老街。

#70  Our next stop is @渔人码头

#71 Romantic  

#72  The famous bridge here.

#73  Okie dokie, both of us looks very huge and fat here. The photographer not really good with that, but it's kind for anonymous person to help us to capture the picture right?

#74  Boyfie purposely point to that 2 words '水鱼'. (If you Cantonese then you'll know what it means)

#75  We back to @西门町 after that to take our dinner.

#76  This seem really delicious, so we decided to have a try.

#77  This is the shop name btw.


#79  Since a lot of people is queuing, so we need pay first and get number, our number is 388. =.='''

#80  Personally think the #fried chicken is quite nice to eat.

#81  The noodles just so so only.

#82  Boyfie knew I'm a ice-cream lover, so purposely buy one as my dessert. ^^

#83  I had tried the passion fruit flavour in Japan and Singapore before, so I wanna give it a try for the milk tra flavour.

#84  Ta-da!!

#85  Yummy yummy~

Because of some readers request, I made 2 video and upload on Youtube.
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  1. Whoa, that's a really long post (: The hello kitty cafe is really cute and I'm a Hello Kitty fan myself. Still completating if I should go but from most of the reviews, the food aren't that great though.

    1. Yup, hopefully my post doesn't bored you. ^_^''' It's worth for visit but frankly their foods not really nice at all. =)

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  3. you're soooooooo cute and girly! those girly girly vivi type. do you know vivi model Lena? i think you have her style! girly and sweet ( :

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    1. LOL~ Thanks for the compliment sweetie <3 I like her!! Aww...I'm so happy and shy at the same time when you said I have her style ^^V


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