[ADV] Barbie Contact Lens Review ❤

6 November 2013

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Konnichiwa❤  Are you having a pair of small eyes? Are you envy some girls with big round eyes? Then you shouldn't missed out this post cause I got nice things to introduce to you guys again❤  O(~ . ~)O  Oh yeah~ Special thanks to @HiShop again for choosen me as the beauty ambassador. I guess this is the 3rd times as they sponsored me those fabulous items. Usually they sponsored me beauty care products but this time they send me contact lens. 

Today I'm gonna introduce you guys the #Barbie Contact Lens from HiShop. As usual, remember to check out the whole post because you can get discount as my readers  =)  There are a variety of barbie contact lens, you can check out HERE. Remember to grab it fast as they're having 10% discount for all the barbie contact lens!! The one that I review is #Barbie Choco Contact Lens

Descriptions :
  • Diameter : 16.2mm 
  • Water Content : 38%
  • Base Curve : 8.6mm
  • Lens Power : 0 - 700
  • Replacement Period : 12 months (Suggest below 3 months)
  • Country of Origin : Korea
  • Manufacturer : Dueba 

#1 The third pinky boxes I received this month. =) 

#2  Yay! Received cash voucher again~

#3  You can see HiShop package team pack the contact lens with few layers so it won't be easily to broken as it fragile.

#4  Finally can see the shadow of it.

#5  As you can see, the 'big' sign means this contact lens can make your eyes looks bigger. (O.O)

#6  I'm not really fans of thick rims so this is my very first time to try this. =D

#7  The one that I received is powerless, you can choose your lens power on the site when you placed your order.

#8  This is the BEFORE. You can see my eye is very small and have no energy.

#9  Watery....

#10  This is the AFTER. My eye suddenly become huge and vigour.

#11  Some selca photo.

#12  Even no need full make-up your eyes still looks fresh.

#13  All thanks to Hishop!

Remember I mentioned earlier about extra discount for my readers? Oh yeah~ Check out the image below.
DETAILS about @HiShop :

Last but not least, CHU


  1. looks so good on you~ i have a hard time putting it on though, my eyes is as small as your eyes is so big!

    1. Really? Thanks for the compliment sweetie <3 Gambateh sweetie, I'm sure one day you will easily to putting it on your eyes. =)