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大家好❤  I know it have been quite a period that I didn't use Chinese to blog. I'm thinking about that but eventually I think using English is much better because I need to take a long time to blog if I'm using Chinese. ^_^''' *My Pin Yin sucks*  Okie dokie. FINALLY~~~~  I'm able to blog about my @Taiwan Trip today although there are a few sponsored post are still pending. But I don't care!! I already promised some of you to blog it asap so I did it!! Please don't be bored about this because I still have Taiwan Trip Day 2 - 9 need to be blog. =P 

Since last year, quite number of people on facebook said I looks like a Taiwanese which make me feel freaking happy because I take it as a compliment, Taiwan is full with pretty girls. Even there was one time when I went to a bistro with friends, one Taiwanese guys said I looks like a Taiwanese girl.




I was thinking, why don't I visit Taiwan to know more about their culture? Some of my friends went there and said there are fun and worth to visit. Actually I wanna visit Taiwan since few years ago, but because my family decided went to Japan on 2011 and 2012, no doubt of course I will choose Japan rather than Taiwan because the expenses are huge different!! This trip is memorable for me because this is the very first time that I travel oversea with boyfie(if Singapore trip is excluded).

#4  I'm not really a nail art expert. So I just stick some Chanel and Ribbon shape for fun

#5  And of course I stick the Hello Kitty head on my toes's nail too.

Fyi, I won't really blog very detail about my Taiwan trip, just roughly where I have been for this 9D8N. Some small places I won't mentioned on this blog post or else it will be very long post and you guys might get bored about this. As usual, the pictures will tell you my journey

Since boyfie and I at our hometown, so we headed to @KLIA on the same day as our flight at midnight. As usual, we chosen MAS instead of AirAsia. Although I never tried AirAsia flight before even I already travel for 8 countries, But I heard some negative issues about it from friends, so eventually we chosen MAS.

#6  OOTD.


#8  EXCITED!!!!

#9  In the plane.

#10  Ignore our tired face.


#12  Our meals.

We reached Taiwan at about 7 in the morning. Since we already rent for a Volkswagen van to our hotel, the driver holding a card which our name on it and keep waving when we walking to the main gate. We can only check-in the hotel at 3pm, so we decided take our breakfast and have a walk rather waiting at the lobby. Fyi, most of the shop opened at about 11 or 12pm. So the shops that we can go in early in the morning are very limited.

#13  Obviously, our first stop is @Mcdonalds.

#14  They're selling salad and milks as well.

#15  Their McD meals are slightly cheaper than ours in Malaysia.

#16  I know my face is really pale and tired. ^_^'''

#17  After finished our breakfast, we take a walk around and we found this!! As you can see, they having several flavours such as, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mango, green tea and yam.

#18  They're several size of it, the one we chosen was large.

#19  I'm not dare to open my mouth to lick it when boyfie capturing me because I know it might be awkward.

#20  Mad love their Watson is opened 24 hours!! And all the products is really cheap!!

#21  Walking around.



#24  Hello Kitty

#25  We curious why there are many people standing here then we realize we reach - @阿宗面线. Fyi, this is one of the famous foods at Taiwan. Everyone who ever visited Taiwan were mentioned trying this is a MUST! So I give it a try.

#26  The result I'm not really satisfied because I feel it's just taste normal. There are having only 1 type in the menu and 2 size of it, whether large or regular and the one on the photo was regular. You can choose to add some sauce such as garlic sauce, soy sauce etc.

#27  Back to our hotel to check-in first.

Hotel Paradise
I know you guys might thinking which hotel we were staying and how is the price and quality etc. Well, the first 2 days we were staying at this @Hotel Paradise which located at 西门町. But I will not recommend you guys to stay here because the price is RM320 per night. Some of you might think this is expensive because there are many cheaper hotel nearby here. Even the taxi driver also told us this hotel normally served big customers, well I guess we are one of their big customers. HAHAHAHA. But overall their services very nice. The auntie at the front desk was really friendly. =) 

#28  We take a rest before heading to other places, boyfie was focus his favourite channel 22 which is cartoon network. All the cartoon is translate to Mandarin. It's kinda weird actually. LOL

#29  Today half-day hauls. Boyfie told me don't buy many things first as it's just the first day. @@

#30  OOTN - The shoes is brand new which I bought at this morning.

The first night we decided to visit @士林夜市, the visitor's favourite night market ever in Taipei. The have this saying if you never been here, means you never been Taipei. O.o





Unfortunately, before we try the other foods, it start raining!! Because the rain is just not tiny, we decided have our dinner in the small little shop first, at least we won't get wet.

#35  We decided to choose this small little shop which sell bento便当.

#36  As you can the shop is very tiny, Taiwan got a lot of shop like this.

#37  I have no idea why boyfie like to act cute. =.='''

#38  Boyfie's Sausages bento.

#39  My Prawn Egg bento.

#40  开餐咯!!

#41  While I'm still eating and boyfie already finished his meal, he went out to buy this peach + blueberry milk tea and the thick sausage.

#42  HAHAHA~ Okay, this is hilarious for me. I think who the hell will buy this to try? Maybe for guys is still normal but for girls? It's so embarrassing to put it in your mouth. LOL

#43  This is nice to drink! It's actually cranberry juice. I feel this is nice because it's not too sweet. =)

Ways to @Shilin Night Market
Take MRT : 淡水線 ->  劍潭站

#44  This is captured at @西门町. This street is just opposite the MRT Station - 西门站.

#45  Aghhhh....I love this place!!

#46  Our tired face....

#47  Hauls of that night.

#48  Watching my favourite baby Lonney Tunes cartoon until we tired then sleep.

That's all for my Taiwan Trip - Day 1 Hope you guys won't mind for the short post or maybe it's consider a long post for some readers. =)  I know some of you already inbox or emailed me asking which hotel I stayed, where do I visited. Maybe you can check out my blog to know more details. I will blog Day 2 - 9 asap. Love ya

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  1. omg I really like the pastel color sweaters u bought! so niceeeee r dey expensive?

    Heaven Knows

    1. Thanks sweetie, I love it too ^^ It's $650NTD for 2 pieces. =)

  2. Your blog post made me miss taiwan a lot! Btw u really look like a taiwanese! :D


    1. LOL~ Then would you visit Taiwan again? Aww....Really? I'm so happy, TQVM <3

  3. waaaa best nya dapat pergi holiday di taiwan...!!

    1. yaya~ kalau ada chance kau boleh pergi sana juga. ^^

  4. I'm so excited for my Taiwan trip now xD Nice sweaters! Is it cold when you were there? Since you still can wear shorts around :P

    Oh btw, the link of your first day on your hello kitty post is not complete yeah, the l on the html is missing. In case you didn't realise ~

    1. Thanks for the compliment sweetie, the weather i like 28 degree something. Thanks for the inform dear, I already modified it <3

  5. Thanks for the useful information.Great piece of writing, I really liked the way you highlighted some really important and significant points.Thanks so much, I appreciate your work.

    1. You're most welcome. Thank you so much. Appreciate that ^^


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