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Bonjour❤  Today blog post is about fashion #ootd❤  Do you guys like monotone outfits like I do? Usually I like black & white colour outfits is because they are cool looking and easily for matching. ^.~  Moreover, monotone is back to the trend now!! And guess what?? I received a pairs of nice monotone outfits from online shop - Love be Gorgeous

#Love be Gorgeous

#1  Love be Gorgeous is a Malaysia based online shop, currently they just available on facebook, so if you guys are interested on the their items, you can check them out on facebook. =)  Most of their pieces are imported from Korea and Taiwan, so their product quality is good. ;)

#2  Ta-da!!  This is the pieces that I chosen from their shop. It's actually comes with 2 pieces but you can wear it together.  Since today is all about monotone, I even match the outfits with my black PRADA bag. ^-^V

#3  The price is affordable and guess what? The quality is GOOD as well!!  Because some online shop selling the clothes with low price but at the same time the quality is bad too. But LBG give you the both things, affordable price and satisfied quality at the same time. =D

#4  This is the black dress after I remove the white crop tee. For my own opinion, I think a simple black dress is a MUST items for every girl. So when you are rushing for outings and don't know what to wear? You can just pick a plain black dress from your wardrobe and you can also match it with a cardigan or denim jacket. =)

#5  For the crop tee, you can easily match it with high waist pants or skirt. Since today post we focus on monotone, so I purposely choose this black & white textile pants to match with it. It's ok if you want to match it with a colourful pants or skirt because the monotone outfit always easily to find 'partners'.  ^-^

#6  Simple = Nice

If you're not interested with my monotone outfits(maybe you like colourful ootd), you can also visit their online shop now

DETAILS about Love be Gorgeous :

❤  Tel : 016-555 5153
❤  Email : love-begorgeous@hotmail.com

Hola peeps❤  Finally another beauty review❤  Hope you guys will love it~  (^.~)  Today post is about the #cheeks.  Have you saw some Japanese or Taiwanese girl's cheeks are with sweet pink colour?? This is what we refers as "Apple Cheeks" for asian. IDK why, maybe the apple colour are quite similar with pink or it's cute?  (O.O?)  Whatever~ Today main character would be - #Puff de Cheeks by Majolica Majorca  Before that, I'm using the L'Oreal cheeks powder to apply on my cheeks, but somehow I found out the colour is uneven and not natural, maybe because the way I applied it wrong or what. Meanwhile, I'm a fans of Majolica Majorca  I mad love their mascara, eyeliner, mirror case, lips gloss etc. Because their products always come with good quality. =)  Since you might interested about it, let's check out those pictures of it.

#Puff de Cheeks by Majolica Majorca

#1  Ta-da!!  So kawaii right? The sweet pastel colour really make me thinks of ice-creams *saliva come out*

#2  As you can see different design having different colour code, even the colours for the ribbon also is different. =)

#3  Say Hi to my personal #Puff de Cheeks Macaron Blush in Cherry (RD414)❤  


#5  Little cute ribbon❤  =)

#6  The reason why I choose this 'Cherry' colour instead of pink because I scare too pinky might turns not really natural looking.  =D

#7 Here you go!  This is the result after I applied it on my chubby cheeks. ^-^

#8  Well well, maybe not really obvious because I just applied it a little bit, doesn't really like heavy make-up. =)

DETAILS about Puff de Cheeks :

Comment : Will continue to use it because it's very natural, the design is nice, the weight is light can carry it anywhere.

Colour Available : 4
Price : RM44.90
Available in : Watson, Sasa
Suitable for : Fair skin tone (Suggest don't apply this if you having tan skin tone)

Visit their official site for more information : http://www.majolica-majorca.com/my/

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Bonjour❤  It's time for beauty review again❤  Well well, I guess most of the sweetie requested me to blog about beauty care post because I think quite a period I didn't blog about them. Since 2 weeks ago, a beauty consultant from #Cefenére approach me to give a try on their products. The beauty consultant - @Roslind is a very friendly and informative, she afraid my skin might allergic to their products since my skin are very sensitive so she provide me some sample to try first. If the outcome is fine then they will deliver to me the real products.  =)  Oh ya!  Before sending me the samples, Roslind also asked me how is my skin condition, allergic to what ingredients etc. Well, I informed her my skin tone is uneven, sometime quite dry due to the air-condition room and allergic to honey. Yeah I know right, honey is very good and healthy for skin but I'm allergic to it. WTF!

#Fair Passion by Cefenére

#1  Ta-da!!  Here are the samples that I received from them.  ^-^

#2  Thanks to #Cefenére and of course Roslind

#3  Each box got a mini card as instruction to use. 

#4  Aww.... Roslind write me extra note just in case I didn't follow the instructions. Teehee. How sweet is that =D

#5  Roslind extra give me this - Perpetual Essence because I told her my skin is quite dry sometime. =)

#6  Roslind send me 2 set of Fair Passion Samples which include : Ultralining Cream, E-Sense Serum and Clarifying Sunshield.  My favourite would be the clarifying sunshield because after I apply it on my face, no longer for me to apply make-up during outings. It make my skin looks so fair, smooth and shine for whole day long. ^^V

#7  This Aloe Vera Mask is one of their product too.

#8  You can see how "juicy" it is~ When I pull it out the extra essence keep on dropping I feel very wasted. XD

#9  Stick it for 30 minutes would be done. *This picture being captured when I just stick it on my face*

#10  *After 20 minutes*  The mask is still sticky maybe got lots of essence, because normally the mask will started to dry when turns to 20 minutes more.

#11  After done, feel my skin so fresh.  ;)

#12  Teehee. My skin become more elastic and moisture. *doink doink*

Since the title mentioned "Total Skin Makeover", are you ready for my skin makeover now? Please don't runway if you saw my vain face.  =D

#13  Oh la la~  As I mentioned my skin tone is uneven and now is getting better after I used the products for 7 days. Even my dark eye circle is getting better too. I purposely wearing the same singlet so you guys can see the different more clearly.  LOL.

#14  Oh yeah~ They also having special promotion now. Grab it while stock lasts !!  You should grab them fast because their stocks always sold out fast, that's why I also need to wait for my actual Fair Passion Product because that time already been out-of-stock. 

For more information, please visit :

Official Website : http://www.cefenere.com/

Hello~~~~  Since I already promised my readers to blog about the review of the movie #The Conjuring, so here is it !!  But my review might different with the normal review, because I also included the real stories in the this blog post, so you guys can know deeper about the story lines. So let's get started!

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Aloha❤  Holiday was finally OVER !!  Aghhhhhh.......I just hope it can extend a little bit longer. ='(  Because when I come back to KL, I need to rush tons of assignments, having midterms and doing my Final Year Project. Well well, luckily I'm still manage to find some times to blog. I guess if I keep on delay my sponsored post my sponsors will kill me!  LOL~ I was just kidding. They all are kind and friendly, never rushing me to blog about them. But because I'm having 4-5 sponsored post which are still pending, so I guess I shouldn't delay too long to blog about them.  =)

Yay❤  Most of my friends knew I'm a huge fans of horror movies. And since I knew the movie #The Conjuring have been released on the cinema, I straightly watch it on the next day of released date. Actually wanna watch it on the released day but unfortunately I'm having midterm test on that day and morning on the next day.  =(

#1  Are you in love with my little cute #Topshop Inspired Pinafore Dress from @IHF❤  I'm in love with it !!  It's been quite a long time that I didn't wear this kind of pinafore dress. The last time I wore is when I was 15 if not mistaken. I purposely choose this outfits because it's back to the trend now. Thanks again for IHF to sponsored this lovely apparels

#2  Teehee~  So cute right? *self-loving all the time*  =D

#3  Since it's way too kawaii, so I match the outfits with the cute #Pretty Kitty Bracelet that I got from @The.Wild.Things

#4  Oh yeah~ Did you spot my big bow hairband?  Purposely match it with my cute outfits❤  ^^

#5  This is my friend @Johnny, he's the one who accompany watch #The Conjuring since most of my friends already back to their hometown for raya celebration.

Special thanks to him to help me capture #ootd because my personal photographer have went to Penang.

#6  Otw to @Midvalley. This fella keep on saying wanna take photo in the car, alright~ So here you go. =P

          #Kiku Zakura         

#7  Arrived at @Kiku Zakura for our dinner.


#9  Salmon Sushi.

#10  Handroll.

#11  I guess this is potato, but I forgot the name of the dishes >,<

#12  my meal

#13  Johnny's meal.

The DETAILS of @Kiku Zakura :

Lot T025, Third Floor
Tel: +603 2284 0173

(Avenue K)
Lot UC-16A, Upper Concourse Level, Avenue K,
156, Jalan Ampang,50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2166 6186

(Berjaya Time Square)
Lot 02-17, 2nd Floor, West Wing,Berjaya Times Square,
1 Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

          #Movie : The Conjuring        

Seriously, this movie is way a lots better than #The Apartment 1303. That movie make me sleepy(read previous post). I purposely watch this movie because 1st - I like to watch horror movie // 2nd - This movie is directed by @James Wan who is the director of SAW  // 3rd - I like the Vera Farmiga(Lorraine Warren in the movie) since I watched #The Orphan.

Overall this movie is nice❤  Of course, it's depends on own preferences. Most of my friends said it's scary because of the sounds effect and some graphics. Some girls are so funny, after they watched this movie, they said very scary and need someone to accompany to sleep. But when some friends asked them whether the movie is scary or not, they said "nia~ still okok only. Not scary enough.".  Well well. don't know why they need to pretend 'brave' cause for my own opinion, if you think the movie is scary then just speak out it is scary, no need to emphasize the movie is not scary enough. Or maybe if you think the movie is not scary enough, why you tell everybody it's scary? @@  Nia~ Just be yourself, don't always be FAKE.

If you're interested with this movie and wanna know more about it, please STAY TUNED at my blog because I'm gonna blog about the movie review. Love ya

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