21 August 2013

[ADV] Cefenére - Total Skin Makeover in just 7 days ❤

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Bonjour❤  It's time for beauty review again❤  Well well, I guess most of the sweetie requested me to blog about beauty care post because I think quite a period I didn't blog about them. Since 2 weeks ago, a beauty consultant from #Cefenére approach me to give a try on their products. The beauty consultant - @Roslind is a very friendly and informative, she afraid my skin might allergic to their products since my skin are very sensitive so she provide me some sample to try first. If the outcome is fine then they will deliver to me the real products.  =)  Oh ya!  Before sending me the samples, Roslind also asked me how is my skin condition, allergic to what ingredients etc. Well, I informed her my skin tone is uneven, sometime quite dry due to the air-condition room and allergic to honey. Yeah I know right, honey is very good and healthy for skin but I'm allergic to it. WTF!

#Fair Passion by Cefenére

#1  Ta-da!!  Here are the samples that I received from them.  ^-^

#2  Thanks to #Cefenére and of course Roslind

#3  Each box got a mini card as instruction to use. 

#4  Aww.... Roslind write me extra note just in case I didn't follow the instructions. Teehee. How sweet is that =D

#5  Roslind extra give me this - Perpetual Essence because I told her my skin is quite dry sometime. =)

#6  Roslind send me 2 set of Fair Passion Samples which include : Ultralining Cream, E-Sense Serum and Clarifying Sunshield.  My favourite would be the clarifying sunshield because after I apply it on my face, no longer for me to apply make-up during outings. It make my skin looks so fair, smooth and shine for whole day long. ^^V

#7  This Aloe Vera Mask is one of their product too.

#8  You can see how "juicy" it is~ When I pull it out the extra essence keep on dropping I feel very wasted. XD

#9  Stick it for 30 minutes would be done. *This picture being captured when I just stick it on my face*

#10  *After 20 minutes*  The mask is still sticky maybe got lots of essence, because normally the mask will started to dry when turns to 20 minutes more.

#11  After done, feel my skin so fresh.  ;)

#12  Teehee. My skin become more elastic and moisture. *doink doink*

Since the title mentioned "Total Skin Makeover", are you ready for my skin makeover now? Please don't runway if you saw my vain face.  =D

#13  Oh la la~  As I mentioned my skin tone is uneven and now is getting better after I used the products for 7 days. Even my dark eye circle is getting better too. I purposely wearing the same singlet so you guys can see the different more clearly.  LOL.

#14  Oh yeah~ They also having special promotion now. Grab it while stock lasts !!  You should grab them fast because their stocks always sold out fast, that's why I also need to wait for my actual Fair Passion Product because that time already been out-of-stock. 

For more information, please visit :

Official Website : http://www.cefenere.com/

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