24 August 2013

[REVIEW] Puff de Cheeks by Majolica Majorca ❤

Hola peeps❤  Finally another beauty review❤  Hope you guys will love it~  (^.~)  Today post is about the #cheeks.  Have you saw some Japanese or Taiwanese girl's cheeks are with sweet pink colour?? This is what we refers as "Apple Cheeks" for asian. IDK why, maybe the apple colour are quite similar with pink or it's cute?  (O.O?)  Whatever~ Today main character would be - #Puff de Cheeks by Majolica Majorca  Before that, I'm using the L'Oreal cheeks powder to apply on my cheeks, but somehow I found out the colour is uneven and not natural, maybe because the way I applied it wrong or what. Meanwhile, I'm a fans of Majolica Majorca  I mad love their mascara, eyeliner, mirror case, lips gloss etc. Because their products always come with good quality. =)  Since you might interested about it, let's check out those pictures of it.

#Puff de Cheeks by Majolica Majorca

#1  Ta-da!!  So kawaii right? The sweet pastel colour really make me thinks of ice-creams *saliva come out*

#2  As you can see different design having different colour code, even the colours for the ribbon also is different. =)

#3  Say Hi to my personal #Puff de Cheeks Macaron Blush in Cherry (RD414)❤  


#5  Little cute ribbon❤  =)

#6  The reason why I choose this 'Cherry' colour instead of pink because I scare too pinky might turns not really natural looking.  =D

#7 Here you go!  This is the result after I applied it on my chubby cheeks. ^-^

#8  Well well, maybe not really obvious because I just applied it a little bit, doesn't really like heavy make-up. =)

DETAILS about Puff de Cheeks :

Comment : Will continue to use it because it's very natural, the design is nice, the weight is light can carry it anywhere.

Colour Available : 4
Price : RM44.90
Available in : Watson, Sasa
Suitable for : Fair skin tone (Suggest don't apply this if you having tan skin tone)

Visit their official site for more information : http://www.majolica-majorca.com/my/

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