4 July 2013


Hello sweeties❤  July is always my favourite month cause it is my birthday month too O(^-^)O  Guess some of you knew I bought a new camera (My Baby Z) few months ago and I blogged about it - Casio Exilim ZR1000 Review | Video ❤  I even make a review and uploaded on Youtube too - Casio Exilim ZR1000 Review ❤  And because of this, Casio Exilim Malaysia is appreciated about it and they invited me to attend the Lauching of Casio Exilim TR Series❤  Special thanks to them I have the opportunity to enjoy the event and gain more understanding about camera. Okie dokie, straight to point shall we?  ;)

Today blog post gonna distributed into many parts because I got many things need to be blog, be sure you read it to the end cause or else you might missed a lots of important information. I'm sure almost everyone knew about the TR Series camera because I guess most of girls need it so badly. But if you don't, it's ok, I hope you enjoy my blog post too. =)

#sotd (Shini's Outfits of That Day) :

#1.  Paddle Pop Dress from IHF (Malaysia) and Wedges from Uni-Trendy Preorder & Ready Stock.
  Totally in love with that colourful pastel dress and guess what, I got it for free❤  Thanks to IHF

#2.  While on the way to the event. Special thanks to @Ethan to fetch me and accompany me to the event.

#3.  Nyappy nyappy

#4.  Super duper excited for the event. Thanks again for #Casio.

#Event :

#5.  We having our event at @Renoma Cafe Gallery

#6.  Did you spot my camera there?  =D


#8.  Me with the TR series.

#9.  Hello the New TR-15


#11.  Since Casio is a huge company, so for sure there will be full with media.

#12.  So me attended as 'blogger'

#13.  The reception provide each of us the catalog book, schedule and tags as well.

#14.  Reading for awhile before the event started.


#16.  With the beautiful ladies


#18.  So envy her skin so fair.

#19.  Oh gosh, so nice right ?  Wish I can grab one for myself too

#20.  They offer some foods for us too.

#21.  I just grab something for myself cause I'm not really hungry. Frankly, the smoke salmon are really nice❤  Or maybe I just simply like to eat salmon?

#22.  Performance by Ms.WongCasio Digital Piano - Casio Celviano AP650 | Casio Synthesizer - XW-P1 & XW-G1

#23.  Last selca picture before the event started.

#24.  The host of the day.


#26.  Welcome speech by Mr.Siau (Executive Director of Marco Heritage)

#27.  Welcome speech by Mr.Shigeru (Manger of Digital Imaging, Global Strategic Marketing Division, Casio Computer Co Ltd)


#29.  He presenting some various product lines from Casio.


#31.  The very first camera of Casio.


#33.  Then here's comes the TR series.


#35.  I guess many of you in love with this camera when it was started to launched.



#38.  Specially for selca(self-capture) purpose.  =D

#New TR Series Features :

#39.  Are you ready sweeties ??


#41.  The New TR series is with #High quality finish.

#42.  with #21mm Wide-angle Lens (So you won't just capture your big face)

#43.  Having #Self-protrait shutter.

#44.  with #920,000 pixels LCD.

#45.  with #Capacitive touch panel with excellent operability. (So you can easily just use your finger to touch for editing)

#46.  My Baby Z is there

#47.  And yet, with Exilim Engine HS3, New TR series is with #High Speed System.  (So bascially you can just click the shutter button whenever you want, no need to wait anymore)

#48.  Casio TR series camera is popular with make-up mode, but now, they also come out with #Brightening mode as well.

#49.  Oh yeahhhhhh❤  You can even connect your TR with your smart phone, so whenever you capture the photo, it will automatically apprear on your mobile phones.

#50.  All you need to do is just download the apps - #EXILIM Remote app to your smartphone. (iOS and Android also can support)

#51.  Beside that, you can even uploaded them to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc.

#52.  with #Paint Function too. (You can just paint anything on your face. LOL)

#53.  Overall features.

There are still having a lots of features such as :

- Natural Mode
- Art Shot
- Decoration Function
- Countdown Timer / Motion Shutter
- Premium Auto Shot
- Slide Panorama etc.

#54.  Seriously, how come you resist this kind of super TR series !

#Launching at Shanghai :

#55.  They also showed us the video of launching at Shanghai. OMG, sooooo freaking nice, wish I be there to have the experience.






#61.  OMG~  I will crazy if I spot all the colourful TRs infront of me.

#Live Demo :

#62.  Invites celebrities on the stage.

#63.  Jennifer was so sweet and pretty

#64.  Cutie @Koe Yeet showed us how it functions.


#66.  How to connect TR with smart phones.

#67.  Group photo.

#Lucky Draw :

#68.  Casio have some nice prizes for those lucky one.

#69.  And guess what, you guys will be very jealous!!  Because this lucky guy actually won a New EX-TR15, with a PINK one❤  We all so excited that moment because we all wanna win this so badly.

#Door Gifts :

#70.  Each of us get 1 goodies bag from Casio.

#71.  I love the pink site btw


#73.  Received polo tee from Casio too. I wore it today, the shirt is so comfort. ^^

#74.  Curious about what I'm holding on my hand ??

#75.  Ta-da!!  Is a pink TR usb.  Kawaii right

#76.  How I wish it's a real EX-TR15❤  O(> . <)O

#Important Information :


They will be start selling the New TR Series on this coming Saturday (6th of July) at FOTOKEM, Midvalley. Make sure you reach there earlier cause for the first batch, they only have 100 units in stock.

Price :
EX-TR15 = RM2599
EX-TR10 = RM2099

Differences between EX-TR10 and EX-TR15 :
EX-TR15 can access to the Wi-fi, EX-TR10 can't.

Colours Available :
EX-TR15 - Vivid pink / White / Black
EX-TR10 - White / Blue / Special Pink

For more information, please visit their facebook page - @Casio Exilim Malaysia and special thanks to them. 

Any Event  just contact email : shini_harumi_kun@hotmail.com ♡


  1. OMG i love tr15!!! But it just nice for self capture only aiyo :(

    1. Yup sweetie, it's depends on what purpose you want go for. If is for selca, then this is the best choice, if you want for other purposes, other series will do. =)

  2. OMG The pendrive is so adorbs! :)

    1. Yaya, especially with pink colour right sweetie? ^^V

  3. Love TR-15, but price... T^T Over budget.

    1. Yup, me too. Maybe we can save more money for another batch? =)


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