7 July 2013

YAA SUI Party Monster ❤

~ ♡ ~

Yuhoo readers❤  How are you guys doing? Really happy about my previous blog post because the company and the PR person love it and of course some sweeties do pm me on facebook saying they are appreciated with my post. YOU GUYS ARE WELCOME !!  This is my job as a blogger, to bring the useful information for you all. And for those sweeties who already bought their EX-TR15, I hope you guys enjoy it

So, last Saturday I was invited by the organizer to joined the YAA SUI Party Monster.  When I received the invitation the first things comes to my mind was 'Seriously? But what outfits should I wear?'  As some of readers knew I'm kind of the girly girl, so I really don't have those snazzy or swag outfits. So when I think of the word - *YAA SUI*  (呀水- in Cantonese pronunciation) describe someone who is beyond "SWAG" or "HYPE".  straightly got the picture in my mind that fashion of Harajuku in Japan Since I have been Tokyo on last 2 years, I had obvious the Japanese fashion and they all was so trendy and swag. So I have been thinking, maybe I can a little bit of Harajuku fashion in there? But of course, since I don't have those nice costumes, so I just go with normal outfits. =)  And this time their dress code is Club Kids. So basically I just mix with some club thingy.

#sotd :

#1.  Top bought at @Sunway  //  Short pants from @MNG  //  Nike Hello Kitty High Dunks bought at @Singapore

#2.  Purposely apply Mint Green polish to match with my top.

#3.  Stick a pairs of Gold Heart Shape under my eyes.

#4.  Teehee!  Tied 2 pony tails.  ;)

#5.  Bracelet and earrings from @Kristy Collection.

#6.  Bringing my Black Skeleton Clutch along too.

#7.  My favourite items of that day

#8.  Okay!  Let's roll !!

Since they only invite me and how come I go to the party alone? Therfore, I invite my piggy - @Baoer to come join me the party❤  She's so SWEET❤  Because that day suppose is her birthday but she decided spend her night with me. Awww....Love you deep deep mua piggy

#YAA SUI Party Monster :

#9.  This is my piggy, she's so cute right



#12.  @Ethan joined us too.


#14.  Having fun.


#16.  @Fanny and meCongratulation to her to received the best dress award.

#17.  @Brandon with us!  He's daring.

#18.  With Ethan's friends.

#19.  His sun glasses so cool !


#21.  The big fan blow my hair until....  =.='''




#25.  Our shoes.

#26.  They are so stylish.


#28.  See how cute my piggy




#32.  Exhausted face.




I do have fun on that day and thanks YAA SUI for the invitation. And I made a short video, hope you guys enjoy it. YAA SUI IS NOT DEAD

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