1 July 2013

[REVIEW] Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio❤

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Yuhoo sweeties❤  Are you a fans of #Maybelline??  If you're, do you know they come out with a collection called 'Color Tattoo by Eyestudio'?  What's that and it's nice to use? Let's read my review about it here. =)

#Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio is actually like a liquid eyeshadow. Why named it as 'tattoo' is because when you apply on your eyelid, it looks very natural and blend your skin well. ^^  Here are some photo of it.

#Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio :

#1.  There are plenty of colour you can choose.

#2.  The colour that I chosen was #Brown color

#3.  The size is small and easy to carry during outings. =D


#5.  Me myself is fans of Maybelline because of its mascara and eyeshadow as well.

#6.  I like the design a lot !

#7.  The cover is so thick and this is an advantage that when it's falling, it won't crack easily. =)

#8.  Ta-da!!  So thick right?  ;)

#9.  Well well, the design is nice. But how about the outcome? Continue read if you want to know more. =)

#10.  You can see the surface of the eyeshadow is very smooth. ^^


❤  Where to buy it :  @Watson

❤  Price : RM19.90

❤  Pro : Since it's with liquid form, so it will be long-lasting and won't easily to fade, the outcome is very natrual and the design is nice, the cover is protective.

❤  Cons : If you wanna a heavy make-up look, you need to apply more because the outcome is not really heavy compare to normal eyeshadow.

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  1. Sounds like you're promoting the bottle than the eyeshadow. And it would be a more useful review if you demonstrated how it looks like with you actually using it.

    1. Yup I know right. I should apply it on my eyes and capture. Thanks for the comment by the way sweetie. =)

  2. I saw you standing on your bed :B
    Teehee, you look really pretty by the way, Shini ^^

    Celyx Lim

  3. I saw you standing on your bed :B
    You look really cute and pretty by the way, Shini! ^^ Hope we could be friends :)

    Celyx Lim

    1. LOL~ Yup, because the light is brighter. :D
      Really? Aww....thanks sweetie, you are so sweet.
      Sure sure, it's always great to make some new friends. ^^


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