28 June 2013

[APPS] Cocoppa ❤

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Hola readers❤  It's time to blog again!!  You can called me "whatever" blogger cause my friends keep telling me I blog almost everything. LOL~  Now I only figure out I blog about whatever topic, maybe I just wanna share with my lovely readers everything that I knew. If you have any inquiry you can drop me an email anytime.  =) 

So, today blog post is about a mobile apps❤  Since last few months friends keep asking me using which apps to modify my icons on my mobile phones. Have you ever heard of #Cocoppa ??  I guess some of you heard it but some of you might don't, anyway, today I will show you how to modify your icon from the boring default version to the cutest / coolest version  ^-^

#Cocoppa :

#1.  It's so fun to playing with your icon when you're bored.  =D

#2.  Have you ever wonder when you playing with your friend's phone.....

#3.  And you might thinking "Wow, those icons are so kawaii, I hope my phone's icons can be like these too"

#4.  With #Cocoppa, everyone also can have those super duper cute icons 

#5.  Firstly, go to your apps store and download for #cocoppa. (it's available for iOS and Android as well)

#6.  You can see everything was so dreamy and pinky there.





#11.  You can see the user feedback, everyone is loving it. ^^

#Instructions :


#13.  Step 1

#14.  Step 2

#15.  Just simple 3 steps then you can enjoy your kawaii icons❤  Nice right? ^.~

#16.  You see, they not just provide nice icons, they provide wallpapers and stamps too

#17.  Ta-da!!  In love with those colourful icons right? ^^

#18.  For example, I want to make this as my Instagram icon.

#19.  Then you tap the app you want to set up.

#20.  Ta-da!!  Can you spot my new Instagram icon ? ^^

#20.  Or another example, wanna take this as your Facebook icon.

#21.  Ta-da!!

#22.  You can placed them in a folder or placed them on your main page too.

That's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the post and if you having any barriers to download this apps drop me a comment to let me know. Love ya

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