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Hola readers❤  It's time to blog again!!  You can called me "whatever" blogger cause my friends keep telling me I blog almost everything. LOL~  Now I only figure out I blog about whatever topic, maybe I just wanna share with my lovely readers everything that I knew. If you have any inquiry you can drop me an email anytime.  =) 

So, today blog post is about a mobile apps❤  Since last few months friends keep asking me using which apps to modify my icons on my mobile phones. Have you ever heard of #Cocoppa ??  I guess some of you heard it but some of you might don't, anyway, today I will show you how to modify your icon from the boring default version to the cutest / coolest version  ^-^

#Cocoppa :

#1.  It's so fun to playing with your icon when you're bored.  =D

#2.  Have you ever wonder when you playing with your friend's phone.....

#3.  And you might thinking "Wow, those icons are so kawaii, I hope my phone's icons can be like these too"

#4.  With #Cocoppa, everyone also can have those super duper cute icons 

#5.  Firstly, go to your apps store and download for #cocoppa. (it's available for iOS and Android as well)

#6.  You can see everything was so dreamy and pinky there.





#11.  You can see the user feedback, everyone is loving it. ^^

#Instructions :


#13.  Step 1

#14.  Step 2

#15.  Just simple 3 steps then you can enjoy your kawaii icons❤  Nice right? ^.~

#16.  You see, they not just provide nice icons, they provide wallpapers and stamps too

#17.  Ta-da!!  In love with those colourful icons right? ^^

#18.  For example, I want to make this as my Instagram icon.

#19.  Then you tap the app you want to set up.

#20.  Ta-da!!  Can you spot my new Instagram icon ? ^^

#20.  Or another example, wanna take this as your Facebook icon.

#21.  Ta-da!!

#22.  You can placed them in a folder or placed them on your main page too.

That's all for today, hope you guys enjoy the post and if you having any barriers to download this apps drop me a comment to let me know. Love ya

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Herlo sweeties❤  Today is my happy day❤  Cause early in the morning received my sponsored thingy and gonna share with you guys. By the way, guess you guys notice I changed my blog header. LOL~ Hope you guys will love it like I do.  =)

So, have you guys search for hair accessories or other accessories like earrings or even some nice mask which the price is reasonable?? Then Beauti House  would be your choice.  =) I had chosen some items from the shop and mostly I chosen accessories and nose mask. They also selling clothes but I guess my wardrobe gonna boom very soon therefore I didn't choose for clothes, but you can check out their clothes as well. ^-^  If you guys curious why there are something under my left eye, that's actually a "". I just testing my eyeliner pencil. XD

#Beauti House :

#1.  Those cutie items that chosen by me.

#2.  The #UK Flag Love Shape earrings.

#3.  I have this earrings before but too bad I lost it few months ago, but luckily I can have them now. ^^

#4.  If you doesn't like the uk flag maybe you can try #USA Flag Love Shape earrings as well. =D


#6.  Or even a pairs of #Owl earrings.

There are still some variety of earrings on the shop, you can check it out. The earrings are RM10 for 2 pairs. =)

#7.  I also grab 2 hair accessories for myself too. The #Lace Ribbon Hair Clip is love 

#8.  You can style your hair like this and clip everywhere you want. 

#9.  Or you can just style your hair like this. This item was my favourite piece among all. =)

#10.  Thanks to Beauti House, I have some hair clip to style my messy hair. ^^b

#11.  Last but not least would be the #Charcoal Nose Mask.

#12.  The nose mask is nice to use. It can helps you remove the blackheads on your nose and make your nose become fair and smooth. And because its ingredients was charcoal, so it won't harm your skin. =) 

#13.  1 box consists of 10 pieces.  

#14.  If you're having sensitive skin and afraid the mask might make your skin sensitive, then you can try to purchase with pieces. ^^

#15.  Overall I like all the sponsored items. Thanks to Beauti House again

Why need to buy from @Beauti House ??
❤  Reasonable Prices - All products are with reasonable and affordable prices.

❤  Ready Stocks - Since all products are ready stocks, if you order from them you no need to wait to received your items.

❤  Fast Delivery - They will post the parcel to you on the next day you make the payment. It's good if you need the products urgently.

❤  Good Services - The owner was so friendly and services are satisfied. 

If you're interested with their items, please visit their facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Beauti-House/277505475684960  
They just newly opened, so be FRESH and grab their products fast while stocks last

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Hello lovely readers Are you an #Instagramer?  If you are, then you should try this new apps !!  #Instagram company just release a new apps which is - #InstaVideo❤  Wonder what is that and how to use this? Well, InstaVideo is actually an apps you can use it for recording short video. The duration of the video is only 15 seconds.  So after you record it you can upload to your instagram and share with your followers. Sometime you wanna share with your followers with a lots of photo? Why don't you record everything by using this apps right? Save your time to upload those photos one-by-one.  =)

#InstaVideo's Instructions :

#1.  Firstly, enter to your #Instagram.

#2.  Can go to the camera page and now you can see the video recording symbol is on the right hand side.

#3.  Press and hold for recording. Remember if you press but din hold the video recording won't works. =)

#4.  As usual, not just photo have filters. #Instagram provide 14 types of filters for instagramers to beautifies their video.

#5.  Remember to choose a beautiful and attractive photo as a cover frame.

#6.  Then, upload the video on your account. DONE!!  You can just click on it to play and pause.

#7.  The short video that I randomly recorded.

If you found out the video recording symbol doesn't exist on your camera page, just update your Instagram Apps to the latest version it will be there. =)  Hope you guys enjoy this post and don't forget to follow me @shinilola on Instagram to let me know who are you❤  CIAO~

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