28 May 2013

[TUTORIAL] #SNA - Shini's Nail Art (Pastel Nails)❤

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Hello lovely❤  Are you a pastel lover like I do??  If you are, then you should learn this nail art❤  YES!!  #SNA this episode is all about #pastel❤  I just done a simple DIY pastel nails tutorial on Youtube. Have you check out the first episode? In case you miss it, here you go - http://shiniharumi.blogspot.com/2013/03/sna-shinis-nail-art-starry-night.html

#SNA - Shini's Nail Art (Pastel Nails) :

#1.  You love the colours don't you ??  ;)

#2.  Pastel colour is ❤  ^-^V

#3.  Sorry about the pastel nail polish is not obvious due to the light effect.  (^_^''')

#Here is the video :


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