31 May 2013

[REVIEW] Daiso Eye Brow Pencil❤

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Hello sweeties❤  I'm officially falling SICK now!!  ='(  I have been take 1 meals for this 2 days due to no appetite.  O(>,<''')O  But don't worry, I will take good care of myself.  =)  So today review is about cosmetic product which is - eye brow pencil from #Daiso.  I guess most of you knew heard about Daiso so I think no need further explain.  =)

#Daiso Eye Brow Pencil :

#1.  Ta-da!!  This is it~  So dreamy right?  ^-^



#4.  Although it is selling at Daiso, but actually it's made in Korea.  =)

#5.  They even free you extra cover, in case you wanna exchange with the transparent cover or you lost it. So good ^^V

#6.  So you can either make the package like this : 1 side black cover, 1 side transparent cover.

#7.  Or you can make it like this : Both side with black cover (looks like a eyeliner pencil)  =D



#10.  So basically you use the thick part to draw the beginning of your eye brow.

#11.  And then you use the thin part to apply from the center to the tail.

#12.  So the result would be like this.

#13.  After apply, you need to use the brush to soften your eye brow.

#14.  So far I think it is great. RM5 only, what result do you expect?  XD





DETAILS about #Daiso Eye Brow Pencil :

❤  Where to get this : Daiso

❤  Price : RM5

❤  Comment :  If you want to buy eye brow pencil but not with expensive price then you can have a try on this. It's user-friendly and nice to use.  =)

❤  Pro :  It's affordable, nice packaging.

❤  Cons :  Not long lasting.


  1. oh wow! it's soo cheap! Daiso have other make up products too! i bought their double eye lid sticker toO!

    1. Yup~ Daiso always got some nice stuff. Their double eye lid sticker nice to use? =)


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