22 May 2013


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Hola sweeties❤  Feel your lips are dry all the time? Wanna have a pair of Juicy, Sexy Lips?  Then you shouldn't miss this !!  O(^ @ ^)O  YES !!  It's #Maybelline❤  I guess most of you knew Maybelline is famous with the mascara collection, but recently their lip balm really caught my attention. I found out this lips  balm collection on last year (December,2012) and I bought this because I need something to moisture my lips even I'm in @Japan with Winter Season. And yes, the outcome turns very nice. Even through the temperature is -5 °C to -7 °C, but still my lips are juicy.  I have been used a few of them then I'm satisfied with the outcome, that's why I decide to share with you guys❤  O(^ _ ^)O

#Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm :

#1.  Ta-da !!  Is it the colours and design are so Attractive ??  ^-^

#2.  Before that, I'm using #Lips Ice collection, but I feel compare to Maybelline Baby Lips Color collection, it is not moisture enough and easily to get dry.

#3. Advertisement on #Seventeen Magazine.

#4.  There are total 4 flavours, this is the flavour that I like the most - #Menthol


#6.  The reason I like this flavour because I'm a mint lover. So I love the feel when the menthol make my lips feel cold and comfort❤  ^^


#8.  This would be the most favourite flavours for all the ladies - #Berry.  Love this flavour as well because it smell so sweet

#9.  Overall, I think this 2 flavours is my favourite among all.  =)


#11.  Juicy lips ?? =D

DETAILS about Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balm :
❤  Flavours : Berry, Menthol, Cherry, Orange

  Price : RM10.90

❤  Where can get it : Watson

Pros :
It's affordable and the outcome is very nice. The smell is so good and the design is attractive and colourful.

Cons :
The design is not pretty enough compare to the US packaging.

Comment :
For best use, apply it every night before sleep. Your lips will getting juicy on the next day❤  ^.~

#12.  The US design of Maybelline Baby Lips Color.

Think the US design is more attractive right? LOL~  Too bad the Malaysia version is not pretty enough, but still very satisfied with the products, will consider to purchase more since my lips always dry since sitting in the office all the time.  =)

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