20 May 2013

Finally ! 10k of LOVE❤ (English version x 中文版)

~ ♡ ~

Yippee I'm so SUPER DUPER NYAPPY now !!  Because finally my page reach 10,000 of likes❤   Thanks for you all support❤  I'm appreciate a lot !!  I'm just nobody and I never thought my page would be reach 10k ! You guys just simply AWESOME♡  

In case you haven't like, this is my page - ・ ShiNiLoLa ・   Beside of the likes, everything of the page also growing up. 

Although compare to the insight of March, it doesn't looks great, but still I'm so happy for. ^_^ 

#600k People Reached.

#44k People Talking About This.

真的很谢谢你们♡  没有你们就没有现在的我。可能这些数目对某些红人来说是小数目,可是对我来说是有意义的。所以着呢很感谢你们一直以来的支持,我会努力加油的。每一个留言的你们我都会记得噢~ 希望你们以后还会继续支持我噢~ 大爱你们

Thanks for the support for all the times. You guys really inspiring and motivate me a lots. Especially when I'm sad, exhuasted, you guys comment really cheer me up. =) Every single of you commented, I also remember. Hope you guys will keep support me in future too. Love you guys damn muchie

Since today is 520, so Happy 520 to you guys❤  520快乐噢, 我爱你们


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much~ Appreciate <3 ^^

  2. wow!!!that's sooo freaking awesome!!! that's really a lot girl! well done!

    1. Yup, it means a lot to me. Thanks a lot sweetie <3 ^^


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